Awesome's Creed

Pretty much sums up the game in 30 seconds, enjoy :)

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Staircase3887d ago

Well, Egoraptor didn't make this one, it was made by a fan of the series. And this isn't new, or news.

However, Egoraptor has put out the latest and final installment of the awesome series, Metal Gear Awesome 2. Which is newsworthy. Egoraptor is king, and my favorite flash maker of all time.

AllroundGamer3887d ago

great, thx for the info, just watched Metal Gear Awesome 2 and its... awesome!!! :) i like Egoraptors style and his wacky kind of humor very much.

RecSpec3887d ago

MGA2 is just brilliant. Nails the series perfectly. I have all of egoraptors videos on my iPod and I still bust out laughing everytime I see it.

Kylen083887d ago

-_-* When did this become news?.....

heyheyhey3887d ago

damn funny though

describes Assassins perfectly

TwissT3887d ago

Lmao that was hilarious.

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