GTA IV: banging trash can lids for an hour

New video commercial of banging trash can lids for an hour the perfect job for N4G members.

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Zip3987d ago

I migth be the only one who dont find it funny (due no speakers)

whats so cool about this commercial ? :P

cRaZyLeGs 933987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

You can click on the things at the end.

Bigrhyno3987d ago

of groups like Stomp, that basically just use random objects to do percusion beats. Overall it's pretty stupid and I find this promo hilarious.

Noodlecup3987d ago

Do people not realise all of these commercials have been on the GTAIV website for over a week now since the website was officially launched?

BachelorBrit3987d ago

I agree the video is pretty funny but people should research before posting these videos, this video has been around for a while already.

I cannot wait for Grand Theft Auto IV thought.

ktr3986d ago

That is not new, its been on the site since its new official site been up.

Tempist3986d ago

I have to say one of the greatest things that comes out with every GTA game is the fake ads they come up with. They really do put a lot into the promotion of their games through this realseaming but fake ads and websites.