Partial Cast List for Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li

So some of you must have heard that there is a new Street Fighter movie in development with a target release date of 2009, "Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li". For those of you that haven't heard, please take a moment for the ZOMFG to sink in. Finished? Okay...

Action movie director Andrzej Bartkowiak (Doom, Cradle 2 The Grave, Exit Wounds, Romeo Must Die) is signed on to the project, which is being produced by Twentieth Century Fox. A partial cast list has been released, so Crave Online has made their best guesses as to what parts everyone will be playing.

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SuperSaiyan43979d ago

Looking at the cast I can tell you now this movie will be a failure, the best game/movie was Mortal Kombat it actually had tons of special effects and great cast to play the parts.

MK_Red3979d ago

Mortal Kombat movie was also horrible considering the fact that it was rated PG-13 and had no blood and gore which is Mortal Kombat's signature. It's like making a MGS movie without Snake. And worse, MK movie screwed up the story and changed many important facts.

It was at least watchable though and much better than worst film of all time (Namely Mortal Kombat 2: Annihilation).

I can only dream that one day someone like Frank Miller makes a hard R rated MK movie.

RecSpec3979d ago

Mortal Kombat had that awesome theme song though. MOOOORTAL KOMBAT!!!

Panthers3979d ago

The reason why MK was halfway decent was because they didnt completely rewrite the story like they do for almost all other game-movies. Resident Evil would have been so sweet if it had followed the story of the original in the mansion.

Still, a Frank Miller MK would be one of the best movies ever in my opinion.

MK_Red3979d ago

With Andrzej Bartkowiak as director, this film WILL be a true disaster. Seriously, the guy screwed up the Doom movie and couldn't make a decent film with Jet Li.

Chuck Norris3979d ago

There's only one reason to watch this movie: Kristen Kreuk.

AllroundGamer3979d ago

yep, its one of the reasons i watch Smallville :)

Marceles3979d ago

I thought that would be the case until I saw the pic of Moon Bloodgood, thats a new reason to see it lol. Then I saw the pic of Chris Klein to be Charlie...and some young guy to be's gonna be such a disaster.

RecSpec3979d ago

I wonder if Cammy will have the same outfit in the game. That be reason enough to see it.

Chuck Norris3979d ago

They should have added Zhao Wei in there just for good measures. I think she could've done a better Chun Li if not for her English.

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chrstphr5673979d ago (Edited 3979d ago )

Who knows Tom Welling could be Ken. But all I know if it's anything like doom then the movie will be hyped up and a lot of people are going to watch it and then complain the movie suck.

Yi-Long3979d ago

... a dumb premise, a horrible cast, a bad director, a movie about martial artists without casting martial artist(!), etc etc.

Honestly, these kinds of movies they should just make in stunning CGI, like the style of Final Fantasy 7. That way you can keep much closer to the original character-designs, and you can just do everything you want in terms of movement, design, special effects,e tc, without it looking like crap.

I'm a huge SF fan, but there's no way in hell that I will watch this movie.

RecSpec3979d ago

Although Final Fantasy VII was a lousy movie as well, it's biggest selling point was "Hey look, it's more FF7! AND IT'S NEW!"

Yi-Long3979d ago

... FF7 (movie) wasnt very good, but I used it mainly as an example of the gorgeous CGI which can be used to bring a very decent and faithfull SF-movie (in terms of design and staying close to the original characters etc, instead of using real-life mediocre actors who cant fight.

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