Ninja Theory Warns Consumers About Fake DmC Devil May Cry Reviews

Ninja Theory has warned consumers against being misled by fake reviews of the soon to be released DmC Devil May Cry.

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prototypeknuckles3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

something about this sounds fishy, how can a reviewer even be able to post a review before having it go to the chief editor, which of whom always knows if you have source material, i think this is side stepping tac-tic by ninja theory so they wont be exsposed, for getting a negative review.

zeal0us3020d ago

I guess all the fake reviews will be the ones shooting down this game. First time in a while I seen a game developer make a statement about fake reviews.

off topic: why is this a rumor?

prototypeknuckles3020d ago

i posted it as a rumor because there is no concrete evidence to show that the review was fake or not, and i agree, heck when uncharted 3 got an 8 naughty dog could have said oh the reviewers just hating, or the review is fake, but they didnt, why, because naughty dog is a company full of respect for themselves, the industry, and their fanbase.

Acquiescence3019d ago

is that Eurogamer gave Uncharted 3 that 8 rating. Eurogamer of course, being one of the most widely known, reputable video game publications online. Not just that, but Eurogamer actually waited for the embargo to lift before publishing their review.

In the case of DmC/Ninja Theory, the embargo was broken by some no-name Italian site who didn't even get a review copy according to Ninja Theory. Highly dubious stuff. Other than that Italian site, the only other reviews for DmC we are aware of are all from magazines.

Temporary3019d ago

They're aware of the immature hatred there is for this game out there, and some people go out of their way (kind of like in this console war) to make things up and write fake reviews in order to attempt to mislead people.

It's the cool thing to do to hate on NT and DmC though. Get on the bandwagon.

SilentNegotiator3019d ago

All of the early reviews have been positive.....

HEY! That explains it! lol

ZombieNinjaPanda3019d ago


So I guess it's cool now for fans to be pissed off that their favorite series is being disrespected. Yeah, that's totally it.

kupomogli3019d ago


Where is this wagon headed?

pixelsword3019d ago

@ zealous:

Real or fake, those dudes will will get slammed by a few people for changing it so much; What really is a bit of an insult on the company though, it plays like Heavenly Sword; NT aren't one-trick ponies, but doing a game so similar to another tame they made when nothing was wrong with the old game really isn't helping their rep.

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Nimblest-Assassin3019d ago

Wait... but all of the reviews so far have been positive... does that mean those are fake?

prototypeknuckles3019d ago

no, but realize that most of those are from people that never played the originals, mainly 3, now reviews from gamespot, ign, and gametrailers, you know the big companies, then i wouldnt believe those, heck even before this game i never believed them, like seriously, skyward sword, uncharted 3,10/10 really?, and people that used to work there already said that ign, gamespot,etc.. have been paid off hundreds of times before, and if not they will get crap reviews, example splatterhouse(2010), or better yet some reviewers like to troll just to stir up the internet, example destructoids review of Assassians creed 2, then look at the review of brotherhood.

Ezz20133019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

i wonder why Capcom or Ninja Theory didn't said that about those positive reviews

LOGICWINS3019d ago

@Prototype- What difference does it make if these reviewers play the originals or not? Ninja Theory's DMC is an entirely different game, not a sequel, prequel, or side story. It would be like comparing the new Tomb Raider to the PS1 games.

The originals have NOTHING to do with the reboot. DMC should be judged on its OWN merits.

BullyMangler3019d ago

this games animation and weapon noises and WEAPONS themselves make this game KINGlike. some peeps play video games for the STYLE of play, and the SOUND DESIGN, and the GRAPHICS, not JUST for the POINTS system, ex: SSS this SSS that ? . . irrelevant . . .so i think Ninja theory is just warning us gamers about bunk reviews given by pre mordial DMC fans .. .

Blacktric3019d ago

"The originals have NOTHING to do with the reboot. DMC should be judged on its OWN merits."

Too bad it still falls on its own a** when judged on its "OWN" merits too then.

You know, all of your notoriously horrid DmC arguments aimed at defending it starting to get stale at this point. Try to find new material.

DragonKnight3019d ago

@Logicwins: Doesn't work that way. Tomb Raider will be judged on the series, DmC will be judged on the series. When you try to cash in on an established name, the game gets judged based on the series. That's the way it is, and always has been. Those playing DmC that have never played Devil May Cry don't know what they are talking about. Plain and simple. They should also have some integrity and put that in their review, but most will lie and say stuff like "Old school DMC fans will feel right at home" as though they know what they are talking about when they've never played one game in the series.

If Capcom or anyone wanted a new game judged on its own merits, they should have made a brand new game, not try to be greedy bastards and ruin a franchise while trying to cash in on its name.

edgeofsins3019d ago


"Too bad it still falls on its own a** when judged on its "OWN" merits too then."

Because you have played it too just like the fake reviewers?

I can't believe how many people agree with your comment that is just biased and terribly constructed argumentation...

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RyuX193019d ago

I think they a referring to that 7.5 review that was completely legitimate. It's funny how they are already making excuses for this game.

ritsuka6663019d ago

HAHA, Ninja Theory think you game will get 10/10 all around the globe. xD

GraveLord3019d ago

Have you seen those Google Translate reviews? Those are the fake ones.

sarshelyam3019d ago

I'm sorry, but if this game can get a negative review while games like Black Ops 2 (which really don't push the formula forward) score highly, then something is very wrong with journalistic integrity.

DMC is fantastic, I've played a nearly complete build and played numerous builds over the last year and a half at various shows. It's an amazing testament to Ninja Theory's talent and keen eye for design and style (going all the way back to their Xbox days with Kung Fu Chaos).

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Kur03020d ago

Ninja Theory quaking in their boots. I hope this game bombs so Capcom restructures their company. First Megaman, then Resident Evil, and now they're killing Devil May Cry.

Perjoss3019d ago

No idea if the game is any good or not, but while I was at the eurogamer expo there was a couple of games that made me think "how are these games looking so good on such old hardware" and DMC was one of them.

rjdofu3019d ago

Look doesn't mean sh!t for a DMC game, just sayin'.

Pozzle3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

So by "fake review" they really mean "negative review".

Acquiescence3019d ago

No, fake as in the publication wasn't sent a review copy, so they either made everything up, or they reviewed a leaked version of the game. Oh, and they broke embargo, which further questions the site's validity.

MaideninBlack3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Assuming they reviewed a leaked copy of the game ( street dates are always broken ) and broke embargo, it shouldn't discredit their opinion.

Calling them fakes just because they didn't receive a review copy is just as unprofessional as the site which broke embargo, in my opinion.

Many bloggers purchase copies of games then post their review. Not everyone can get on a publisher's list for reviews copies but that shouldn't be held against them.

edgeofsins3019d ago

They are called fakes because there is no proof they played the games because they hadn't officially or legally obtained the game. If a reviewer reviewed a game they own then good. Counting out the fake reviews of people without the game reviews are pretty fake anyways. Opinions are influenced by popular opinions. All are written almost the same. They praise one game for something and then ignore that when it is done better in another game and point out that other games faults instead.

Bumpmapping3019d ago


GreenRanger3019d ago

In other words, the reviewers they didn't pay off will be releasing their reviews soon.

Ezz20133019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

i can see it now
100 "fake review" and 1 "real review"

in capcom HQ
capcom : so we have a real review
Ninja Theory : yes


Sevir3019d ago

Question is the Italian magazine, and they actually gave the game a 9/10 so I don't think they really are focusing on bad reviews, its more likely that this publication got a leaked copy or broke the embargo, or made the entire thing up for generating hits. at this point it shouldn't matter to most of the haters here if NT is warning the gaming community of the fake reviews, because 98% of the people here vehemently hate the game for very silly and arbitrary reasons and were already discrediting all the "positive" reviews and were fanning themselves with that one review that came in at 7.5/10 as if it was in line with what they were hoping since this game was announced.

At this point it shouldn't matter, the hare for this game is already at an unbearably inhuman fervor on this website so most who like this game or is willing to let it stand on its own merits are drowned out by those who hate it. What will likely be the case is that This game will do well perhaps even better than what the community here expects, 8s - 9s I'm predicting more scores in the low to high 80s, there will be a shit storm on N4G and most who were on the fence will cave in and buy, the game will sell reasonably well to warrant another sequel, it won't break records but it'll be enough for Capcom to increase its budget for the next game and the community will commit hara kiri in large over out rage that the game defied their hate and wishes for failure. There will be low scores, as everyone has different tastes, that's expected, and that'll be fine because this game won't be for everyone. But it'll be a game that does well because damn near every reviewer will have spent plenty time to realize that this game is a reboot and shares little in common with the original and they'll review it on its own merits and strengths and weakness and I feel most of the positives and not so favorable reviews post for this will be based on those review criterias. The controversy of this game will be put to rest and I have faith that review publications and media outlets will do this game its just. And not out of hate.

as for me, all I care about is playing it for myself from start to finish. Bring on Jan 15th 2013.