Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - 6 New Screens & Trailer

Set between the largely unexplored era between Ep III and Ep IV, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed casts players as Darth Vader's "Secret Apprentice" and promises to unveil new revelations about the Star Wars galaxy.

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Lifendz3892d ago

I'm a Star Wars fan and I'm a little tired of all the FPS games out lately. Here's hoping that they get it right this time. Last good Star Wars game I played was KOTR.

BTW, kudos for making the PS3 the lead SKU. Just know that if you take up 5gb of my HDD, I'd like to see some sort of benefit or significance for it.

dfcm20033892d ago

looks alittle xboxish (cartoony) for me. Now I know why they are going to use ps3 from now own.