Street Fighter IV C.Viper vs. Guile

Street Fighter Viper vs. Guile

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Joey Gladstone3892d ago

Please Guile For the Love of God ....Swing Back at Her.....You cant win a fight by taking repeated punches to the Face...
......"The JOEY has Spoken"

Bonsai12143892d ago

well, my interest in this game has plummeted after seeing this vid. the fact they opted for 3d art on a 2d plane also doesn't float my boat. give me high res 2d characters like GG.

craymoogy3892d ago


this game needs better roster. 10 characters for 60 bucks is not gonna be my kind of game.

it needs to have tag team.

the super bar needs to carry on to the next round.

I'll buy this game for 20 bucks now. It's no where near the quality of the 40 bucks game. They should have focused on remaking games instead of making a new game like this.

RecSpec3892d ago

Wow, all the hype for this? Seriously?

Marceles3892d ago

You have to admit the game looks good, but that fight was horrible

omoshiroi3892d ago

People like this should get a wii.

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