The Evolution of Nintendo's Superheroes

Here's a really great image looking back at the royal roots of the three Nintendo big boys; Mario, Link and Donkey Kong. There isn't any monochrome character love from the old days proper, but it is quite an extensive time line nonetheless, which culminates in the modern day incarnations of our beloved superheroes.

Things learnt from the image include the fact that Donkey Kong once had breasts bigger than Pamela, Link has been know to walk about without his hat and Mario hasn't always had enough pixels for a well defined mustache. It is all rather shocking stuff; brace yourself and jump in for the money shot.

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Intrepid4595d ago

This is incredible news...

And is it just me or did Donkey Kong evolve remarkably between his 5th and 6th stages??

The gaming GOD4594d ago

I love this evolution chart. I'd love to see more characters from the earlier videogame days get a chart like this. Assuming they had more games up till now

Ri0tSquad4594d ago

The jump from DK on the SNES to N64 looks a little too big though.

Lord_Ash4594d ago

Mario looks at his best in Super Mario World, IMO.

ChickeyCantor4594d ago

Link's setup is wrong, link from [links awakening] came AFTER [link to the past]......

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