Sony's PS3 to gain ground due to lack of Blu-Ray for Xbox 360

Microsoft has said that there are no current plans to release a Blu-Ray drive for the Xbox 360. The company quotes only a 3 percent adoption rate of the HD-DVD drive for the Xbox 360 as the reason. Part of that is only because a format had not one when that add-on was released. This will be, at least, a short term victory for Sony and the PS3.

It would be poor business on the part of Microsoft if it did not release a Blu-Ray add-on. A Xbox 360 with a built-in Blu-Ray drive should also be in its plans as well if it wishes to maintain the "console war." The line-up could consist of a Blu-Ray add-on, a Xbox 360 with Blu-Ray (and WiFi) and the standard Xbox 360.

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toughNAME3942d ago

"The company balks at these ideas saying it would rather concentrate on game development and its Xbox Live service."

ruibing3942d ago (Edited 3942d ago )

To me that just sounds like they still harbor some hard feelings towards Blu Ray for ruining their HD-DVD add on.

I believe Toshiba had a similar reply to making Blu Ray players after it finally admitted defeat. Surrendering to an adversary is completely different from joining them.

3942d ago
Maddens Raiders3942d ago

don't mean much these days. They never have really.

Tuff name, you give sore losers a bad name; just stop with the whining and excuses already. Your system of lust is in last place right now and you have to deal with it. Maybe this will be incentive for Microsoft to make an unbeleivably sturdy, reliable, and stellar system that you can hold up high and leave on for weeks on end without fear of being console-less for a period of time or worrying about certian functions/parts being defunct in a matter of a couple of years.

You see, this is the silver lining of failure. Without failure, one can never truly be called a success. Sony has traveled down this road in the past and learned life lessons that they'll never repeat and they are reaping the benefits of those lessons as we speak. Open your mind and stop wallowing in the same old menutiae.

Lifendz3941d ago

but not the whole reason. It's the culmination of blu-ray, XBL being a pay service, 360s are STILL breaking, and Sony's major titles are right around the corner. WHen all these factors are taken into consideration you can see why Sony's machine is doing so well lately.

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Rattles3942d ago (Edited 3942d ago )

yes thats all true toughNAME but that dosint mean they are, microsoft has got decisions to make while sony is the one that can now concentrate on the games and spend money eles where.
so far this gen sony has been fighting two wars, the format war and console war but now that one is over they can focus on the "ONE"

Lord Anubis3942d ago (Edited 3942d ago )

actually they were fighting three fronts. the PSP and the PS3 front (and you can say they were fighting the PS2 front as well because they are still releasing titles for the PS2) if sony didn't have the PSP out they would have more man power to devote to PS3.

at any rate despite fighting all those fronts it seems sony is becoming the knight in shinning armor.

nicholascage243942d ago

The console war will also be finished this year.

I have 3 friends in UK who bought the ps3 today. they said that BD's victory was all over the Tabloids there.

even non gamers in UK are NOW purchasing PS3 because of Blu Ray.

Daishi3942d ago

How will the console wars be over this year? One console selling more than another? It doesn't look to me as if any of the consoles are going to discontinue manufacturing any time soon. Are they going to stop making games for one of the consoles this year? For a business profit=victory.

Malacath3941d ago


There will be no overall winner to the console war this generation.
Xbox360 has sold extremely well and now because of the blu ray victory the ps3 will now as well. The Wii doesn't count because it's is not next gen.
I have had an xbox 360 since launch and bought a ps3 just after christmas when I heard about warners decision.
Just because I bought a ps3 doesn't mean i'll be getting rid of my 360. It means I now have more choice when buying games. The overall winner this generation will be the gamers themselves because healthy competition between xbox and ps3 will keep quality games coming as one format tries to get one over the other.

robbo9183941d ago

I agree with the majority of your post but I do think there will be a winner this generation, but by no means this year. The PS1 and PS2 have over 100 million consoles sold, it will be tougher this gen for one of the 3 (including Wii even though they are really last gen) to hit that mark but there are still a lot of gamers out there who haven't migrated yet.

Overall you are right, competition improves things across the board, though I still will root for Sony.

resistance1003940d ago

'I have 3 friends in UK who bought the ps3 today. they said that BD's victory was all over the Tabloids there.'

Not to pour water on your flames, but the only paper which i've seen really mention it was a small article in the Sun, however word as spread through other means of HD DVD's failure, mainly through retail

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mikeslemonade3942d ago

Once the blu-ray movies are close within $5-$10 to the price of DVDs then it's a no brainer for people to buy DVDs just to upgrade to blu-ray. Also for people who subscribe to rental services they can rent blu-rays without having to upgrade the subcription so it's a no brainer to just rent blu-rays.

aiphanes3942d ago

Michael Clayton [Blu-ray] (2007)
$24.95 at

Michael Clayton (Widescreen Edition) (2007)

$7.96 difference from DVD vs Bluray

aiphanes3942d ago

And we all now Sony will lower the price to around $299...and you will get wifi and bluray....its all over for the Xbox 360 if that happens....even if the Xbox 360 is $ does not get bluray with the PS3.

The only game worth buy exclusivly for the Xbox 360 this year is Gears of War 2...but all the other must have games are gonna come out for the PS3 this year...

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Maddens Raiders3942d ago (Edited 3942d ago )

I thought that was fanboy speak and was only to be used in the open zone. The more you post, the more unhinged you sound. Scary.

edit/ @ Mr. Unhinged - #1.) "if" is the biggest word in the dictionary.

#2.) "What you dimwits don't understand is that only so many people have HDTVs, for those who do not booray is worthless. They will want the system with more games, that all there friends have and COSTS LESS."

I guess us "dimwits" along with the rest of the world should be listening to you right Mr. Unhinged? Then, we could slow down or stop the PS3 from outselling the 360 worldwide, including sacred North America, huh?

Mr Marbles3942d ago

now do you have anything intelligent to add here?

tethered3942d ago (Edited 3942d ago )

@ Mr *Loose* Marbles
Do you have anything intelligent to add here?


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Delriach3942d ago

I personally don't see what a big deal it would be if they didn't adopt the BR add on or something. If they did and it was used for games, then that is obviously a different story.

Daishi3942d ago

I agree, can't I just buy a blu ray player that doesn't attach to my 360? Why does my system even have to play DVDs (does the Wii ring a bell?)