Okami Wii Controls

When GDC 08 closed its doors around 5pm on Friday, Zentendo dropped by another major convention was going on across the street in the Moscone Center South building. WonderCon, a mini-version of Comic-Con International, was in its first day. Capcom had a booth on the show floor, and Okami for Wii was playable. Zentendo posted a screenshot of the control scheme from the demo at WonderCon.

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blynx1824594d ago

Okami really is a shameless Zelda clone.

madness4594d ago (Edited 4594d ago )

it is a good clone, so whatever.

clones are done all the time.

JDW4594d ago

.....and yet we still get games with cheap waggle controls.

Very disappointing.

ChickeyCantor4594d ago

what you expect from a port?
and was it not that less then 10 people worked on the port?

dont expect major programming changes.

Lord_Ash4594d ago

I’ll borrow it from a friend when it comes out and test the controls, if it’s good I’ll buy it, if not I’ll get my self a PS2 copy and play it on the PS3.