GDC08: BioWare's last Neverwinter Nights patch, live team explained

Derek French, a member of the Live Team at BioWare, gave a talk on the process of supporting the company's hit roleplaying games. He explained what exactly a Live team is, and marked some of the BioWare success stories that can be tracked back to that group; initiatives like the Premium modules were developed entirely in this little-known area of the company. He also hinted at some fascinating future plans for the team, like the potential of an interactive website not unlike the World of Warcraft 'Armory' site.

In the process of talking about the team, French offhandedly mentioned the end of an era. The upcoming patch to the original Neverwinter Nights game, 1.69, will be the last the company releases. After seven years of tweaks and corrections, official support will be ending for this venerable game title. Beta patch notes for the 1.69 patch are available on the official forums. Though this is hardly news for the vibrant community still playing this game, it's worth noting the passage of one of BioWare's landmark titles.

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