GDC: Indepth Street Fighter IV interview by GameTrailers

Will Street Fighter IV make it to the arcades in the US? What was up with the trailer? And how many more characters will there be?

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boodybandit3979d ago

to take for this to come to consoles. It won't be ready for the Japanese arcade until Summer so I would think it could take upwards of 12 to 18 months for home conversion. The agony of having to wait.

Sevir043979d ago

They would be stupid to not be develope the Home conversions at the same time on individual platforms. i mean Capcom is one of the Latgets japanese Devs out there having a game like this and only bringing it to arcades is just retarded. i expect to see Console versions in japan Late this year for winter and early spring 2009 for US and Fall 2009 for UK and pal or they could very well do a simultaneous launch like what they did with DMC4. Either way i cant wait to play this game. i wanna try it so bad.

[email protected]3979d ago

Well, Street Fighter II HD it supposed to comes this Fall isn't?. With that on might the long waiting will be short on the end thanks to that.

Guwapo773979d ago

Yup SF2 remake is suppose to come out the end of this summer or beginning of fall. Original estimated release for SF4 was X-mas '08 or first quarter '09. Best believe this will be a long wait...

Panthers3979d ago

I am loving the way this game looks. Ive never played SF and am not a huge fighting game fan, but this game just looks cool.

GRRiMREEAPeR3979d ago

it feels like they never really had there heart in the game from the beginning. he was saying 'o well its the anniversary so we should do a game'.... why have these guys in charge of one of the biggest video game franchies of all time? smh i hope this game is fun... Capcom dont forget what put you on top in the first place