Firefox Passes 500 Million Downloads, Celebrates With a Lot of Rice

Firefox has just hit 500 million downloads worldwide; it is an impressive statistic and think everyone who works on the project should get a pat on the back. As if their contribution in creating a kick-ass browser was not enough to the world, the Mozilla team is celebrating by raising funds for 500 million grains of rice, which they will give away to poverty stricken nations.

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lodossrage3979d ago

No more having to put up with Microsoft's virus and glitch riddled internet explorer.

Lord Anubis3979d ago

eh, the reason the European commission forced Microsoft to remove IE was because a better technology like Firefox would not grow as fast as IE due to being in every Microsoft OS PC.

gta_cb3979d ago

agreed, i am currently using Firefox, always use Firefox. the only time i use IE is to download Firefox =p

ruibing3979d ago

I've never gotten a single spyware or adware since I made the switch to Firefox. In comparison, IE 7 is such a bloated program.

[email protected]3979d ago

gta_cb: best comment of the day. But there always a solution to avoid IE completely just download Firefox into a memory stick or Jump drive and when the the oldie Firefox version update it itself installing without using that slowpoke and crappy of IE ^__^. Bubble 2 all.

gta_cb3979d ago

im guessing you saw my other comment (#5.1) about me having it on my external HDD =p lol

i have had IE fuk up soo many times and yet i cant say i have deff had Firefox go wrong once, so i stay with Firefox =p

[email protected]3979d ago

gta_cb: hahaha I didn't read ur 5.1 comment so sorry ^__^. But it's true Firefox on Jump Drive or external HD are the best solution. Everyone loves FF except my best buddy that for WEIRD reason he used to use and love IE more that FF o_O

Now, that's a crazy cat there gta_cb.

The gaming GOD3979d ago

IE is virus nirvana. With firefox, you almost have no need for antivirus software. If firefox was as mainstream as IE, then alot of anti virus companies would be out of business since those companies thrive of of IE security holes

gta_cb3979d ago

lol its ok =) also tell your friend to get his act together ;)

about my avatar, i dont know where it came from, just a random pic off google search =D but hey i think its cool =p

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Bubble Buddy3979d ago

Firefox > Internet Explorer :)

nicholascage243979d ago

It offers a better streaming interface ie you can watch streaming movies at a faster rate

It is also more robust and doesnt crash as much as IE. It also restores previous sessions if it crashes

The_Firestarter3979d ago

That's what I love the most about Firefox: if it crashes, then the previous session CAN BE restored. That's so awesome!

Bubble Buddy3979d ago (Edited 3979d ago )

Yeah firefox has those little things that make it a big advantage over internet explorer. The password save saves me about 10 seconds too lol and the themes rock. I use the isafari one :p

Hydrollex3979d ago

Fire Fox Speed > IE Speed
Internet Explore class > Fire Fox class

lodossrage3979d ago

Try to upload/download stuff with IE and Firefox. Firefox is faster uploading AND downloading.

Not to mention firefox blocks out malware and other threats so much more efficiently

xplosneer3979d ago (Edited 3979d ago )

I use IE7 as general purpose but when I'm watching movies like on here or downloading updates, files, etc, then II use firefox.

One other thing: Firefox had tabs WAY WAY WAY before IE7 came out, which was a big factor.

bozobucketeer3979d ago

Did they create the tabs with porn in mind? Cuz I can close out all my porn in a hurry if need be with tabs.

gta_cb3979d ago

lol good question, thing is will we ever know the answer? ;)

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incogneato3979d ago

Internet Explorer is actually superior to Firefox in its present form (unless you need plugins). This could change with Firefox 3 though. It's funny to see noobs praise Firefox. Same type of people who bash Vista. People who know nothing about computers, just repeating what others say.

Anyway, what does this have to do with gaming?

funkeystu3979d ago

and I *need* plugins!!
I was always lead to believe that Firefox was a lot more secure and anecdotally spybot/adaware have tended to show up more bugs in IE comps compared to firefox ones.

As for Vista I don't think it's intrinsically bad, its just that people weigh up the pro's (nicer looking interface, dx10, supports 4gb of ram) and cons (fewer fps' in gaming, uses more resources) and decide that it isn't really worth paying the upgrade cost. This probably sounds a bit simplistic, but for gaming purposes this is often what it comes down to.

The Wood3979d ago

is my backup browser for sites firefox has issues with and thats it

gta_cb3979d ago (Edited 3979d ago )

but then that never happens lol, i dont even think i have used IE since i have re-installed windows on this PC cos i had Firefox install on my external HDD =p

[email protected]3979d ago

Like which site as sample? o_O

The Wood3979d ago (Edited 3979d ago )


could be the addblock plus pluging though. either way i use IE for sites like the 1 above


yep, it was addblock plus. ar well no need for IE unless i need to download firefox like gta_cb said

Bnet3433979d ago

Yeah, I'm like this guy, FF is my main browser, but I use IE as backup for certain sites

[email protected]3979d ago

Well, the flash player work superb on my FF? U need to add o disable either Adblock or NoScript plug-in if u are using for those on FF for that player and many features on the site to work flawless. But I have to said I love those plug-in so much ^__^

ravenguard883979d ago

Last time I checked I believe it required Internet Explorer?

gta_cb3979d ago (Edited 3979d ago )

you are correct, but im not one of those people that constantly checks for updates lol, plus i believe i am running a pretty secure Operating system with the software i have =D

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