The Movie Game That Isn't: Stranglehold's Dynamic Cinematic Gameplay

In one of the final lectures of GDC '08, John Woo Presents Stranglehold's lead designer, Neill Glancy, gave the audience a whirlwind lecture on the concept of how Midway's action shooter effectively bridged the gap separating games from film. Titled "Dynamic Cinematic Gameplay: Creating Stranglehold's Tequila Bombs," Glancy gave a straightforward deconstruction of each of the game's movie-centric special attacks, how they help the player carve out his or her own "movie experience," and the highs and lows of implementing these features.

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THWIP3890d ago

Um, no...sorry Neil...but your game sucked, and in NO WAY felt like a movie. Mass Effect is a game that truly pulled that off, with dramatic flair...not your little arcade shooter. :o