LEGO City: Undercover screenshots

Take a look at some new screenshots of LEGO City: Undercover.

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B-Real2062110d ago

I have pretty high hopes for this title. I can't find a solid release date though. I thought that this game was coming out this month but it doesn't look like it

browngamer412110d ago

I agree! This is the first Lego title in a loooong time that I'm excited about...

Derekvinyard132110d ago

this is a great concept for a Lego game and i hope it goes a different way then all the movie licensed ones

MEsoJD2110d ago

What's the appeal of this game? Is it the open world aspect?

jlafount2110d ago

Never been a big Lego fan but I preordered this. I hope it turns out good

2EHO2110d ago

Yep buying this no doubt! Also need wondeeful 101, alien Marines and Bayonetta 2

Neonridr2110d ago

Cannot wait for this game. These screenshots don't do the game justice though. They aren't high res shots. Some of the earlier screenshots posted look absolutely gorgeous. And I love that it's completely original this time around.