Judge OKs suit over 'Vista Capable'

A U.S. District judge in Seattle has ruled that consumers can move ahead with a class-action suit against Microsoft over how it advertised computers with Windows XP as capable of running Vista, according to an Associated Press article.

The suit claims that the labeling of computers as "Windows Vista Capable" misled consumers because many of the machines weren't powerful enough to run all of Vista's features, such as the Aero user interface, the AP said.

The federal judge certified the suit late Friday but narrowed its scope to whether the "Vista Capable" labels artificially created demand for PCs in late 2006 during the holiday-shopping season. Vista, which had faced several delays, was released in early 2007.

According to a related article in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, many of the computers touted as Vista Capable could run only the stripped-down "Home Basic" version of Vista.

Microsoft said it was reviewing the decision.

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crck3889d ago

But I think Dell direct is the only place that gives you the option these days.

gamesR4fun3888d ago

hope they get sued large
For jamming Vista down consumers throats

ravenguard883888d ago

All of these complaints have to do with the graphical aspects of the operating system. Not one "Vista Capable" PC can not run Vista. If it were me, I would tout computer systems that are able to run it as capable, it only makes sense.

If you only want Vista for its graphical features, there are plenty of add-ons you can get for XP, or you could just go straight to OSX.

Without Aero and the graphical additions to Vista it remains just as functional as Windows XP and still carries all the new features not in XP.

Honestly, if you're willing to go to the store and spend $500 or more on some hardware and you really care about it being able to function in very specific ways, if you don't do your research or ask someone educated on the subject you deserve to be screwed. I can't see how anyone could purchase a "Vista Capable" machine without gathering any further knowledge, installing Vista and realizing they can't use Aero, and then complaining that Vista still actually works on their PC. You bought a budget PC and Microsoft was thoughtful enough to make it easy for consumers to run it on older hardware by lowering graphical settings that have next to nothing to do with actual functionality.

Lord Anubis3888d ago

don't be silly, microsoft claimed they could run windows vista on the PC but the user could only run the basics of vista. There's a difference between running vista and running it's basic.

ravenguard883888d ago

"The basics of Vista" is still Vista. You still get all the benefits of the operating system without the graphical flare.

Like I said, if you care so much about how well your computer displays graphics why would you have purchased a $400 laptop that can't even run XP without turning it down to Windows 98 graphical standards :P

Cacolaco3888d ago

Let me start by saying that I am not a huge fan of Microsoft. I use Windows mainly because I am to lazy to bother with Linux, and to broke to bother with Apple. Having said that, I don't hate Microsoft either. They haven't ruined my life or even driven me away from the pc (yet).

So, I have to say that I think maybe people are taking out their frustrations on Microsoft in a display of greed and ignorance (qualities that most of these people would attribute to Microsoft).

To put it plainly:
Windows Vista Home Basic is still Windows Vista. Any computer which is capable of running Home Basic is, therefore, Windows Vista capable.

I am so sick of people suing over everything.