GameTap - GDC 08 Blog: Prototype Panel

GameTap writes: Open-world games-the term that both lead designer Eric Holmes and executive producer Tim Bennison use to describe games such as Grand Theft Auto-are complex affairs. During this lecture about their thoughts and design goals for Prototype, they threw a lot of information at the audience: ranging from a comparison of gameplay models for other genres, to how the 1951 film The African Queen has a poignant quote about human behavior that helps shape the team's view on player behavior (when Bogart comments "A man takes a drop too much once in a while, it's only human nature").

While the panel didn't show anything really new (most of the gameplay footage and details are the same as what GameTap saw in our first preview), it was still fascinating to hear about some of the under-the-hood items that crossed the developers' mind.

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ppl are saying that this game is goin sux i think iits the bomb
u can tell by this video