GDC 2008:PlayStation 3 PSN Interview

Learn why quality counts for PSN.

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xhi43943d ago

looks like it's coming along perty nicely!

C_SoL3943d ago

I'm looking forward to Echocrome...

EastCoastSB3943d ago

I've heard a lot of good things about that game but what is the premise of it?

DFresh3943d ago

Don't forget about Soldner X, Dark Mist, EleFunk, etc.
PS3 has so much cool stuff it's unbelievable way more originality than XBL hands down.
Love the variety, style, and game lay of all these games coming out.

captainpwn3943d ago

Im so glad we have high quality, advanced games on PSN. Games like Fl0w, Gripshift, Everyday Shooter, and Pixel Junk monster are so much fun and chill, but they take just as long as retail games to complete. Ive spent over 20 hours on Gripshift and I still haven't completely beat it. And, I haven't even tried online multiplayer yet!

EastCoastSB3943d ago

Don't forget Super Stardust HD!

Maddens Raiders3943d ago

"When people think of Sony they think of something stylish and classy...."

Yes they do, and some also think about that WarHawk expansion you slid in there too. :P

Maddens Raiders3943d ago

.... in that statement he briefly mentioned the new "WarHawk Expansion", which isn't anything brand new, but something that looms large on the horizon for the millions of people waiting for this type of thing. People like me.

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