‘Doom 4′ headed to Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4

Doom 4, which is expected to be the next big first-person shooter from seasoned developer id Software, seems to be headed to both Sony and Microsoft’s next-generation consoles.

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Nicaragua4209d ago

Based on Id Softwares recent performance im going to go out on a limb and state that Doom 4 will look amazing but play like utter turd, just like every Id game since Quake.

blitz06234209d ago

If this is true, then it pretty much confirms the Wii U will not be getting some, maybe even most next gen games

TimeSkipLuffy4209d ago

Wii U can still get a gimped version of the game... like the DS still got AC or Call of Duty XD

animegamingnerd4209d ago

it didn't say which platforms it would be or even that it was doom 4 it self who knows maybe doom 4 will be a PC and steambox exclusive

piroh4209d ago (Edited 4209d ago )

i don´t think so, Doom 4 is too big to be a PC exclusive

EddieNX 4209d ago

Woopty doo!!! let's throw a party. Wait and see what the wiiu will get. I think it's got a good chance of getting many games next gen , even if they are scaled down from 720 and ps4.

Even if not , the wiiu will still have the best exclusives next gen , which automatically makes it a must own.

I'm going to see what happens between PS4 and 720 and then choose between one of them to play my multiplats on....

GenericNameHere4209d ago

Yeah, because looking at the Wii, the Wii U WILL definitely have the best exclusives next gen -_-

Gaming1014209d ago

It has to be on the next consoles... there's just no way they're going to dumb down Doom 4 for the archaic current gen architecture. They already did it with BFG edition with varying results (no casted shadows from your flashlight anyone?) but they are guaranteed to be doing a AAA game on consoles. Spending all the money to make Doom 4 and having it exclusive to PC would bankrupt them, Bethesda isn't dumb enough to do that.

stragomccloud4209d ago

How does anything in this article even hint that it's not coming to Wii U?

Phil324209d ago (Edited 4208d ago )

If you didn't know that by now, I don't know what to tell you.

"Yeah, because looking at the Wii, the Wii U WILL definitely have the best exclusives next gen -_-"

It had the best to me easily. Then again, I'm tired of shooters.

MysticStrummer4208d ago

"the wiiu will still have the best exclusives next gen"

For some that will be the case. For me... no.

stage884208d ago (Edited 4208d ago )


You're kidding right? Unless your under 13 years old then Sony and Microsoft have the best exclusives hands down.

Ezz20134208d ago (Edited 4208d ago )

"the wiiu will still have the best exclusives
ps3/pc have the best exclusives this gen

DethWish4208d ago


Unless you're over 18, then it's the PC :)

Eyeco4208d ago

doubt it, given the success that Original PC shooters like Battlefield, COD, Crysis have had on consoles I highly doubt they'll keep it exclusive to just 2 platforms.
It will definitely make it to PS4 and 720 eventually, and as for the Wii-U lool considering the system is struggling to run last/current gen games that's questionable.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney4209d ago (Edited 4209d ago )

Based on past experiences.. If it becomes a full on console modern casual shooter then it's dead for many and especially pc players.

Graphics and animation will be nice I am sure.

FriedGoat4209d ago

So true, I'm still waiting for an online experience that can rival the skill, precision and game engine that quake 3 had.

Knight_Crawler4209d ago

Just bought Rage and I can honestly say that I would rather play Call of Duty than that turd...this coming from someone who hates COD.

ATi_Elite4209d ago (Edited 4209d ago )

I have NO interest in Doom 4!

It was built for the consoles and the PC version will be just a bad port! Hopefully Doom 4 runs better on the consoles unlike that crap Rage.

I don't need another generic shooter when there are games out there on the horizon pushing new ideas. Especially in the RPS/RTS genre like Natural Selection 2!

MysticStrummer4208d ago

I thought Rage ran fine. It was just a very ordinary game that couldn't hold my attention.

ninjahunter4209d ago

What makes you think it would play poorly? Doom 3, Quake, Rage, pretty much every game ID has worked on personally has had great game play, not to mention looked and ran really well for their time. I'm interested in your reasoning.

Nicaragua4208d ago

My reasoning is that i have an opposite opinion to yours. I was a huge fan of the original doom and the quake series and so was very excited and so was very excited at the prospect of Doom 3.

What i got was a tech demo. Doom 3 was a tedious, repetitive game which only saving factor was its superb graphics.

Fast forward to Rage and it was more of the same. Any AAA developer who can make a game about shooting mutants in the face dull is doing something very wrong.

It seems to me that Id are just a house of programming geniuses with no one there who has a clue about story, gameplay, immersion, pacing etc. So my reasoning is that unless anything major has changed at Id then their games will continue to be dull, tedious, lifeless experiences - but with superb graphics.

showtimefolks4209d ago

Nice hopefully ID has learned something from Rage.

Also I don't think this will come to wii-u. Get use to it, I think most next gen tiles will skip wii-u unless Nintendo does something drastically different to attract 3rd party publishers

It's unfair because wii-u while not a tru next gen system is still a upgrade vet current systems.

DeadlyFire4208d ago

I'd say we wait before we pass bad judgement on WiiU capabilities until 2014 lands. It show show some significant signs of its maximum quality by then.

I don't expect 3rd party publishers to skip out on the WiiU. Why? Well Wii itself outsold the other two because it was the cheaper of the three and even without major third party support how many Wiis do people have in their hands? 3rd parties will grab the WiiU tightly when the people flow into using the console. It will be the cheapest of the four new consoles again so it will sell fast. Although the new 3 Android consoles under $100 could slow that quick sell momentum Nintendo has aimed itself towards.

I personally believe Bethesda will look at WiiU, PC, PS4, XB3, PS3, X360 as possible platforms to put Doom4 out on.

showtimefolks4208d ago


What you seem to be forgetting is moms and grandmas are not lining up to buy the wii-u because Nintendo has been very bad in their advertisement because the message isn't as clear as wii was

Also don't expect wii-u to sell 96 million. Here is a fun fact NES was the last Nintendo system that got a lot of 3rd party support.

You said wii had a huge install base yet most 3rd party games didn't sell well enough, because wii was for everything but core games. But when Nintendo released one of their 1st party games it sold.

Nintendo has a tougher road ahead IMO, while wii-u is a step up from os3 and xbox360 but how much of a step up? And will wii-u be a forgotten device when ps4 and next Xbox hit the market this fall? I think so.

Most big 3rd party games in early 2013 are not coming out on wii-u.

Nintendo has to do whatever it takes to get GTA 5 on wii-u(I don't see it happening)

Plagasx4208d ago

I thoroughly enjoyed Doom 3 on the first play through though..

RuperttheBear4208d ago

I thoroughly enjoyed Doom 3 on several play throughs. I loved it.

Kingdom Come4208d ago (Edited 4208d ago )

"RAGE" had astoundingly good combat, mainly as a result of the tremendous animations and sublime enemy AI. Many people, like yourself, consider it to be a "utter turd" because you went into playing it with incorrect preconceptions of what the game actually was, most mistaking it for a Fallout like experience.

"RAGE" did a lot wrong, yes. Being an id Software game, (especially being one with such brilliant shooting mechanics and 60 FPS) it NEEDED competitive Deathmatch Mode's. Instead, we were shovelled the tiresome vehicular modes and the decent but nothing spectacular "Legend's of the Wasteland" Co-Op modes. This, coupled with the unintelligent story and unholy ending made for a collective catalogue of disappointments.

However, that doesn't excuse the fact that "RAGE" was fantastic at many things. Technically, it was absolutely stunning, in both visuals and animations, and these went hand in hand with the smooth shooting, making for more interesting and unpredictable combat scenario's, with different enemy factions utilising the environment and weaponry in different ways. Also, id provided the gamer with a diverse selection of weaponry, from the standard pistols, shotguns and rifle, to the absolutely BRILLIANT "Wingstick". Also, with the implementation of ammo types, the gamer was capable of using the environment to their advantage by shooting electrical bolts at puddles of water and exposed electrical panels, electrocuting their foes, also, ammo types changed the functionalityy of a weapon such as using "Fat Mamma's" Ammo for the pistol of which when coupled with the utilisation of the monocular, essentially turns it into a sniper, or the rocket ammo for the Shotgun, adapting it into, essentially, a grenade launcher. The gadgets, as mentioned before, were wonderfully designed, plant an advanced automated turret, drawing enemy attention and flank around them, use an RC Bomb Car on unsuspecting foes and blow them up. This game features undeniably diverse and unpredictable combat, of which, along with its technical accomplishments make it a great game. Not a masterpiece, but none the less, much higher quality than "utter turd".