GameTap: GDC 08: Lego Batman Preview

There's something about making serious franchises and telling the stories as acted out by children's toys, complete with pantomimed cutscenes, that just turns them irresistable-it even made the Star Wars prequel trilogy enjoyable. So when Warner announced that Batman would be making the leap to Lego, it made a lot of people happy.

Developer TT Games worked with both DC Comics and Warner to develop the three different stories that are told in the game.

The home base is the Bat cave, where you'll be able to select the various chapters or choose to go back and replay any level with any character combination you choose. As in Lego Star Wars, you'll also have the option for cooperative gameplay, with the second player being able to jump in or jump out at any time; the 360 and PS3 versions allow for online co-op play as well.

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