GDC 2008: Wii Fit Preview by Gametap

At a Game Developer's Conference session entitled "Creating a Brand New Interface for a Home Console," Takao Sawano, deputy general manager, shared the story of how his team of hardware and software designers took Miyamoto's marching orders, evolved a bathroom scale into the Wii Fit Balance Board, and set in motion what could very well be another Nintendo mass market victory. He also shed some light on what Americans can expect from Wii Fit, which has already registered 1.4 million units sold in Japan since its December 1, 2007 debut.

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Lanontscuz3891d ago

im not hating on wii but this (game)thing is almost at the lvl of those late night commercials for your ad lounger and chuck norris work out bench lmao....they are actually making ppl think they can lose wait by doing just hating on wii fit bcause i go to the actually gym to get FIT and not turn into a video game to lose those flabs lol...