The Video Game Release List of 2/24 - 3/1

Shacknews writes: If you've got a thing for lost planets, lost crash survivors, probing aliens, or Nazis invading America, this is your week for new games on PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo DS, and PSP.

Barring any unforeseen delays, most North American retailers should have this week's games by Wednesday, February 27:


Lost: Via Domus
Lost Planet Extreme Condition
Turning Point: Fall of Liberty


Frontlines: Fuel of War
Lost: Via Domus
Turning Point: Fall of Liberty


Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None
Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed
Sega Bass Fishing


Blokus Portable: Steambot Championship

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solar5079d ago

how do some of you guys like Patapon demo? im borrowing a friend's PSP for a trip and am thinking of picking it up to play.

TheExecutive5079d ago

I have never played a demo more in my life. In fact I have never played all the demos combined in my life as much as I have played this demo. 7+ hrs in fact. I think i am on the extreme end of the scale though. :)

But seriously, its such a simple concept, yet very very challenging. Its engaging yet you can set it down if you have to(it doesnt have a pause button so you have to use the HOLD feature which isnt a big deal), it seems shallow yet has TONS of depth to it. I would get it even if I didnt own a PSP its only 20 bucks.

Ivix5078d ago

All I have to say about it is...

Pata pata pata pwn!

The game's fabulous. Although be forewarned, I am unable to talk with someone and play the game at the same time. It completely throws off my rhythm. This could just be me, though.

blynx1825079d ago

Maybe Naruto ninja destiny, though its anime-based and just about all licenses suck.. :(

wiizy5079d ago

im going to try destroy all humans.. but this is the week before the storm that is super smash bros.

blynx1825079d ago

This WAS the week that would have been the calm before the smash for the U.S....:(

RAF-TECH5079d ago

I really enjoyed the multiplayer demo =)

Brian52475079d ago

Will be in the running for Handheld GOTY.

meepmoopmeep5079d ago

you got that right, the demo was awesome

ruibing5079d ago

Tough category with God of War on it as well this year.

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