TalkXbox Discusses Gears of War 2

The editors of TalkXbox discuss what each of them would like to see in the Gears of War sequel that is due out in November 2008. They touch on each element of the game, ranging from multiplayer, the story, and the recently announced chainsaw dueling mechanic.

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RAF-TECH3889d ago

Gears is the best new ip for the nex-gen.


acertainkid1023889d ago

Maybe now I will have a reason to buy an xbox-360!

SlyGuy3889d ago

so i can get my hands on this awesome game!!!

ZTO Jamie3889d ago

They make good points. I'm suprised i actually did play the original Gears for so long. I played player matches only, so i got no achievements for it. The 4 game modes were effectively 3 as i never played the one where you had to kill the leader of the opposite team. The maps wern't all that great, and the glitches were annoying as hell.

But there was some satisfying experience to blowing someones head of. Sadistic but satisfying.

zonetrooper53889d ago

I really got to go back to Gears of War and play it again just for old times sake, man I can't wait for Gears 2.