Retro Gaming Friday - Vigilante 8 (N64)

Video Gaming Hard Corps reviews Vigilante 8 on the Nintendo 64.

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Kratoscar20083184d ago

I have the PS1 version but i liked V8 2 much more, it was an excellent Twisted Metal rival.

Ult iMate3184d ago

You could also play "V8-1" levels in V8-2. That was cool too.

neoMAXMLC3184d ago

Definitely some of the funnest I had back then along with Twisted Metal. A shame they only made 2 games.

Kratoscar20083183d ago

I liked how you could tune up your cars and not to mention the whaky characters :)


I didnt know that im gonna try.

Ult iMate3183d ago (Edited 3183d ago )

You had to insert V8-1 disc, while in main menu of V8-2. And after the game scanned the disc, replace it back with V8-2. It allowed you to play V8-1 levels in V8-2. Apparently all the V8-1 levels were also on V8-2 disc.

Oh, and how could I forget about that catchy disco groove music in those games!

Unlimax3184d ago (Edited 3184d ago )

What a coincidence .. I'm currently playing it :]

Its the only good game that Activision has .

blackblades3184d ago

I loved vigilante me and my cousin played it alot.