If Mass Effect's Samara Were a Qunari from Dragon Age, This Is What She'd Look Like

GR - "DAYAS, a user on CGHub and Reddit is putting together a 3D model of Samara that's set as a crossover from Mass Effect to Dragon Age. It features the aforementioned blue-skinned character, Samara, in an outfit very much like those worn by the Qunari race in Dragon Age's world. Rather than having tentacles for hair as she does in Mass Effect, Samara appears to sport horns much like the Qunari."

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ceballos77mx2744d ago

Would be a bad ass companion to have.

snowman21492744d ago

I know this is a little random but imagine if Mass Effect 4 takes place 20 years after the events of ME3, playing as shepard's son..romancing an older liara would be pretty fucking awesome ;)

Gohadouken2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

no ... the franchise already got so few décisions making a real impact each sequel ... no need to kill yet another one by making one romantic choice canon and official over the others

snowman21492743d ago

What do you mean making one romantic choice canon? WHAT R U TALKIN ABOUT lol

hazelamy2744d ago

and i romanced Liara, so we'd have a daughter, and her romancing Liara would be just weird.
and i think she might be in the family way after that last time sex scene, there seemed to be something more going on than the previous times.

besides, 20 years is nothing to an Asari, so i don't think she'd have changed much.
though my Liara probably still wouldn't have got over me yet.

snowman21492743d ago

No..*sigh* I mean if you DID NOT romance Liara in ME1-ME3 then romancing her in ME4 would be awesome, I wasn't talking about..why would you..ugh lol

Gohadouken2742d ago

my bad i misread it as the son of shepard and liara

Hicken2744d ago

I... can't believe this isn't a Kotaku article...