Australians Boast 5Gbps Wireless Speeds

Faster transmission speeds, low power usage, and significant range are the trifecta of results that all wireless standard companies are chasing with a vengeance. The WirelessHD consortium released the final version of its own standard back in early January, while the startup company Pulse~LINK debuted its own next-generation wireless chipset back in December. The new WirelessHD specification defines a device that operates in the 60GHz spectrum and is capable of transferring up to 4Gbps over 10 meters, while Pulse~LINK claims its new chipset its chipset can deliver up to 890Mbps at close range (8 feet/2.4M) and 120Mbps at 40 feet/12M). If a team from Australia's NICTA (National ICT Australia) is accurately representing their own advancements, however, both these standards are about to be exceeded. The group from NICTA, lead by Gigabit Wireless Project team leader Prof. Stan Skafidas, is claiming to have developed a CMOS-based chip capable of transferring up to 5Gbps at up to 10M-a 25 percent improvement over the WirelessHD specification.

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funkeystu3942d ago

Awesome - gotta love wireless connections...and Aussies (but then again I'm biased). GiFi sounds like a good name - just need to pronounce it as "jiffy" and you have something descriptive as well!