Game consoles are third largest category of connected devices in the US

The latest NPD report cites game consoles as the third largest category of online devices connected to the Internet by residents of the United States.

piroh4076d ago

only 315 million people live in USA? well, 39 million connected consoles is a great number. that´s about 12%

the Power of Call of duty multipayer :)


MobyGames celebrates 25 years and teases what's next for them

"We’re delighted to share that MobyGames, the authoritative online video game database resource, turns 25 today. Since its founding, MobyGames has been on a mission to meticulously catalog all relevant information about video games and the individuals or organizations behind them, and, of course, the instantly recognizable whale mascot. Please join the community, the MobyGames team, and Atari in celebrating this milestone." - MobyGames.


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