The UN wants to put taxes on video games to help the poor

From "The UN is reflecting on the possibility of putting taxes video games and Internet commerce to finance the fight against poverty."

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ktchong3889d ago

Since when can the UN put a tax on anyone or any country?!?

KeiZka3889d ago

Don't know, but that would be total asshattery in certain parts of world, like Fennoscandia. For example, Finnish gamers already have to pay 22% VAT. That's a freakin' one fifth more, almost one quarter more to the price.

Bonsai12143889d ago

they can't, but they can ask for donations which would be acquired through the tax.

crck3889d ago

The only reason I buy stuff online is to save on tax.

Salvadore3889d ago

We are already paying around $95 for our games here in Sweden and by introducing another tax upon this, I will probably end up buying 2 or 3 titles per year.

clevernickname3889d ago

You're right, the U.N. has no taxation authority (thank god), but the member countries might propose a treaty to initiate such a tax. Regardless, it will never happen in Canada as we have a Conservative government opposed to taxes of pretty much any kind.

KeenanTheSavage3889d ago

yeah, seriously. This is so dumb. They have no right to even do it.

JsonHenry3889d ago

The UN can kiss my ass. I don't care if it is only 1 penny they put on it. Throwing money at a "problem" (not everyone can be well off, just the way the world works folks) has never in our lifetime fixed anything. And the UN itself rarely shows itself useful either.

Why would should we be willing to believe that they can fix their own leaking toilet, let alone poverty?!

bourner3889d ago

json henry you said it all for me mate . the UN is less powerful than america and chine . like the league of nations which dident do jack to stop hitler . and now they want some of my money

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dilibau3889d ago

...more taxes on video-games, which are already suffering because of piracy and lack of good level designers... It's like saying that our beloved Bush wants to put taxes on our farts cuz we contribute to global warming (which btw he denies...)

What the hell is the UN thinking? Instead of taking care of the already huge amount of money they reap from us they want to curb us with even more taxes? I'm not paying for some fat ass bureaucrat with a fat salary and a fat mistress...

spectyre3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

Bush says he does see a need to cut down on greenhouse gasses. His ranch is also heated geothermally, and what does Al Gore use? Fossil fuels? Not only that but he uses more in a month than the average family does in one year, and thats only one of his 5 homes. But it's okay because Al Gore buys carbon credits but he fails to tell people that he owns the company that sells carbon credits, hmmm.
Kids are funny.

Oh, and could someone please tell me of a problem that the U.N. solved? Why do they even exist?

Radiomorph3889d ago

I'm poor, and that wouldn't help me at all.

3889d ago
Tsalagi3889d ago

You know he could be a college student.

ICUP3889d ago

I am a college too, busting my @ss 10 hour every Saturday and Sunday, you don't see me b!tching about it. If peoples want to play games, work for it and don't b!tching about it.

Iamback3889d ago

Can you please tell us in what part of his sentence is he b!tching? He said that he doesn't want that to happen even he is one of those "poor" people.
You are complete ignorant idiot, you just wanted to humiliate him and by doing so you invented excuse that he is "b.tching".
You are only one that is b.tching here, buddy!

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darkness within3889d ago

let me get this straight, the UN want the gaming industry to embrace Europe so there gonna tax them to hell? that to me makes no sense.

vloeistof3889d ago

omg no im 16 how do i have to buy all those wonderfull games.

get a job i know but that dont pay that much.

ICUP3889d ago

Pimp your @ss on the street then.

vloeistof3889d ago

or that lol but there not much going on here in the cold hard streets.
of alkmaar holland

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