TrustedReviews: Sony Ericsson W960i

By Sandra Vogel:

"Sometimes finding what you want is also a challenge. You want to get to the video player? Work out that the touch button with four dots on it takes you to the main menu and cruise around the icons. Find the one marked 'Multimedia' and select it. Camera, RSS feeds, PlayNow, Picture Gallery, More applications. More applications takes you to the Web for downloading. No video playback, though. OK, let's try the Entertainment group instead. Aha! FM radio, Online media, MusicDJ, Sound recorder, two games, and Video".

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toughNAME3893d ago

I've never seen a mobile review on the main odd

nicholascage243893d ago

since a PHONE review is not applicable in the TECH section . The PHONE is not related to GAMING PLATFORMS unlike eg BLU RAY since ps3 uses BD as its main media format.

REPORT the story as LAME/SPAM please

toughNAME3893d ago

Sony cell phone division is separate from Sony's gaming division

So relax, nasim

nicholascage243893d ago

SONY's cell phone division always make money and W series is very popular

However this doesnt belong to this N4G since there is a section for MOBILE games not MOBILE PHONES

C_SoL3893d ago

This phone cost way too much...

drewdrakes3892d ago

Ya i have a W810i and i hate it. The software is aweful. I got it free, but they originally wanted 500 bucks.