Reality Gets An Upgrade

The Ninja Theory team offers insight into the development processes behind the upcoming PS3 fighter, Heavenly Sword.

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PS3alltheway5905d ago

nice indeed very nice enviroment awsome graphics , physics , animation , killer app.
over hundreds enemies wow eat the- GoW 8 players -lol
60fps can't wait can they just go 1080p 60 fps i think they can is just take some time to do so.

would you rather pick 8 ppl in the screen GoW 15- 20 fps? or hundreds enemies with some jaw dropping CG graphics 60fps
peace out don't hate

Fuzz McDeath5905d ago (Edited 5905d ago )

good choice PS3alltheway. You just chose a feature (already demonstrated by the inferior games Kameo and Ninety-nine Nights) over more gameplay options...very wise of you (if my sarcasm isn't evident, please take note). At least GOW has multiplayer... Can anyone confirm that Ninja Theory has even mentioned the possibility of Heavenly Sword having multiplayer? I've never seen it mentioned in an interview, so I'd be shocked if it has any online component at all (as I suspect many PS3 launch titles won't since many developers still haven't even seen the online SDKs yet)...

...BTW, I'm not a fanboy, just like picking on fanboys...I'll have a PS3 and Heavenly Sword, just not for the retarded reasons that PS3alltheway mentions :)

Donkey Slayer5905d ago

I may pick up this game as well, but Gears is higher on my priority list (just after Lost Planet).

60FPS is a good thing though.

Back to your fanboy ranting ;)

DJ5905d ago

Jeez, I wonder what else they're gonna throw at us. Typically, even games that run at 60 FPS are animated at 30 FPS since it's easier, and the system interpolates the animation keyframes anyway. Doubling the animation rate is easy; you literally just type in what you want the animation framerate to be in the program.

Whether or not the hardware can step up to the challenge though is a bit different, especially when you ante up the polygon counts. Thankfully the PS3 can handle it without a hitch. There's more control, but it also takes longer to finesse. Thank goodness Ninja Theory's pulling it off though.

power of Green 5905d ago (Edited 5905d ago )

Hey! why do you guy's throw everything you got(gamess)to try and make Gow look bad?. Don't buy the game if you disslike it, because it makes you guy's look dumb. If Gow looked like Heavenly Sword and wasn't so complex it could have hundreds of enenies on screen too, if it was practical considering it's and hide and seek tatical shooter. Gow will be the least of you're problems(more impressive games and service) Gow's a first gen game that took along time to make, watch out!. If you're trying to bash all that's

andy capps5905d ago

Yeah it does make Sony fanboys (like #1) look dumb. This game looks incredible, but so does Gears of War. I don't know why people have to make fun of games on rival consoles so much, they're both going to be great games. The new HD videos on Gametrailers of Gears of War are insane. The only thing with it is that after watching it for a while I was wondering if I'd get bored doing the same thing forever. Run, duck, shoot, repeat, etc. The enemies AI was really good, and of course the effects and graphics looked great. I'm sure they're holding some stuff up their sleeve for launch, so I'm sure it'll be a great game. It'll probably get a 9 or above from the major websites. And the violence is so over the top it's great. The chainsaw is just great, and I'm sure the grenade stuffed down the locusts mouth will be great too.

Fuzz McDeath5905d ago

...I've read several times in different articles in teh last few days that EPIC has been keeping lots of secrets about GOW, apparently there is alot more variety then they have let on...Not that it matters, Halo 1 was just the same thing over and over and it revolutionized FPSs...
...Cue the Halo haters :)

PS3alltheway5905d ago

its only a game i also have 360 so don't hate. i might buy GoW probably just rent it. i don't play xbox live thou i play PS2 online socom 3
ok peace out if you don't like my comment then don't reply we all have opinion peace out don't hate im a gamer lol

Fuzz McDeath5905d ago (Edited 5905d ago )

...just trying to help...PS3alltheway...please don't say "peace out" unless you are, in fact, out...If you say "peace out" and then keep talking, you sound silly. "Peace out" means goodbye...

Also, saying it 2 or three times in a post makes you sound like a "wigger"...

Man, maybe I am being a jerk today....

I do understand where you are coming from though, if I never played online, I might rather have HS than GOW...There, see, I'm not a complete jerk...

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