Stop the clocks: Timers in game design

Inspired by the new year, writer David Chandler looks at timers and countdowns and the meaning behind their prevalence in game design, positing that a ticking clock can be "more dangerous than a horde of zombies or a legion of walking mushrooms."

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hylandpad2298d ago

This was well written. The video game community lacks this sort of philosophical assessment of video games, especially much cherished ones such as Majora's Mask.

I never cross examined my actions when I was playing Majora's mask, never thought twice about going back in time and undoing al lthe hard work I did to ease the pains of those around me.

Now that I think about it, it is a bit of a sad catch 22 - you have to help these people to get the pieces of the puzzle you need to solve the game; but you also need to go back in time and erase the very fact that you helped them! Of course, in the end you're saving their lives, just without solving their "little" problems, even if you paradoxically, already have.

awesomeoutof2297d ago

Thanks for the compliment! I've always thought gaming journal could do with a bit of close analysis every now and again. Majora's Mask has spent a long time in Ocarina's shadow, but I find it so much richer in terms of clever game design.