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GP writer Marshall Henderson reviews Ragnarok Odyssey on PS Vita.

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rrquinta2300d ago

I almost bought this the other day, then decided to go back to Persona 4 Golden. I wish more RPGs would come to the Vita. There's plenty of great PSP (and PSOne) games, but it'd be nice to have some new experiences (or excellently ported ones, like P4G).

HarryMasonHerpderp2300d ago

If you like Monster Hunter you should pick this up. I was a bit on the fence about it with reviews like this but I went ahead and bought it anyway and it's lots of fun. Made a few online buddies and been questing together using party chat too.
I even had fun playing it on my own to be honest, it's just a fast paced Monster Hunter with epic combos.

blackblades2300d ago

Yes I played the demo the other day it was fun I want it, tried dynasty warriors next I want it demos are awesome, anyway buck this review buck all reviews play demos not read reviews.

Aceman182300d ago

never played any of the Monster Hunter games, but i went ahead and bought this game, and all i say is i LOVE this game. i love the challenge it has too.

to me this game is a solid 9.

Nerdmaster2300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

Try Monster Hunter. But only do it after you finish Ragnarok Odyssey. After you play MH, you will see how RO is flawed.

I try not to compare games, but this game really tries to be Monster Hunter, and it doesn't do a good job at that. The worst thing is that I don't even like MH that much. It's too bad that they only took the worst parts of MH to make this game.

It's a good thing that Persona 4 was released, so we can enjoy one good RPG on Vita.

profgerbik2300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

You can't compare RO in that way it's a completely different game in a sense based off of a long standing PC MMO.

It stays very true to that and that is all it should be compared to. I don't see how it tried to be Monster Hunter, I feel you possibly never actually played other Ragnarok games or ever played the MMO. Who knows.

Basically what you are saying any game that has monsters that you kill, is trying too hard to be Monster Hunter?

It's also not focused on RPG elements, more to the MMO elements everyone knows it for. As in get in play with friends kill stuff and have a blast, get out and done.

Monster Hunter takes a lot of time and the developers of Ragnarok Odyssey specifically stated they didn't want to create a game like that, they wanted something that was fun, quick and easy to play with friends. Maybe you have played the other games but still it's a bad way to compare a game let alone say it's copying Monster Hunter simply because you hunt monsters.

I can name literally over 50+ or maybe even 100+ games that all have you hunting monsters in them some even made far before Monster Hunter even existed.. It's just a moot point.

Aceman182299d ago

yea even if i tried Monster Hunter, i wouldn't care if RO is flawed as you say because i'm enjoying it so much.

unlike you i'll be enjoying two good RPG as i'll purchase Persona 4 after i'm done with RO.

Nerdmaster2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )


That's the main problem: it's too different from Ragnarok Online. The only RO things in this game are city names, cards and some monsters. It's not a game based on Ragnarok Online, it's a game based on Monster Hunter with too few Ragnarok Online elements.

And if you can't see how much Odyssey tries to be Monster Hunter, either you didn't play any Monster Hunter games before, or you're letting your love to the Ragnarok franchise blind you. It's not only the monster hunting part that's the same. The way you get quests, the limited time for them, the small subsections, the farming for items to make weapons... It's difficult finding anything that's not like Monster Hunter except for the faster combat and the fact that the weapons and armor you make aren't very rewarding.


That's my point: do enjoy Odyssey. I certainly would've enjoyed it if I didn't play Monster Hunter before. For me playing Odyssey is like playing Tibia after playing Ragnarok Online, it's just impossible to not see the glaring faults. You do enjoy your Tibia before moving on to better games in its genre.

profgerbik2300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

I love this game, I have been slacking on playing games altogether lately.. not much time but I still need to beat this game especially before I start investing time into Soul Sacrifice once that comes out.

Crosses fingers for NA demo soon..

I spent so much time helping others in RO get by but I didn't mind at all, I had a blast doing it. I could play the same mission over and over and it's always so much fun with people.

The reviews to me do it no justice but that isn't surprising with Vita games. People complain about things like camera angles and stuff but I seriously have never once had any trouble playing this game. I was actually shocked at how easy it was to pick up and how immersive it felt because of how well everything worked.

Knowing they even delayed the release to work out kinks making sure it worked as good as it could shows commitment. I appreciate that and I thoroughly enjoy this game.

I recommend it to anyone who loves MMO's or just hunting monsters with friends. The great thing about this game is it's quick, you never feel tied down for hours or feel like you can't put your Vita down. Which is a good thing.

I could go on about this game but I think that is enough, doubt anyone will read all this anyway.

Aceman182299d ago

i agree with everything you said bubbles up.

PS3gamer4life2300d ago

R u kidding me this game 8/10 for me

TheDivine2299d ago

Waiting for mh4. Gonna play through it with my bro. Don't have time for a hundred hour time sink unless its amazing ala persona 4.

madjedi2298d ago

"Don't have time for a hundred hour time sink" Then both fallouts, both borderlands and both souls games and skyrim are off limits to you.

As those are nothing but time sink games, as are any disgaea or persona games.

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