MLB 2K8 - Too much content to fit on 360 disc

The March issue of Game Informer has made its way out and it includes an article on MLB 2K8 that mentions a few previously unknown details about the game.

Apparently the 360 version of the game is lacking the unlockable stadiums and Cool Base alternate uniforms that the PS3 version has. Because of that they will be made available on release day as free downloadable content. While this shouldn't bother those who have access to Xbox Live, those who don't will miss out on the content completely which is unfortunate.

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pwnsause3983d ago

and heres a reason why blu-ray is needed.

sonarus3983d ago

yea digital downloads will be blurays downfall indeed.

tony3983d ago (Edited 3983d ago )

maybe in the near future..

bourner3983d ago

sonarus dont be so down because your hd dvd lost and think about what hes saying . hes saying the blu ray means more space and better bigger games games not that blu ray is better than digital download

mikeslemonade3983d ago

Yea the same people who are defending that downloading content because the original disc could not hold it all was bashing the DMC4 install too. Only this is a MLB game. If a sports game need it then pretty soon most games will need more space.

w57cpd3983d ago

Sony fanboys condemns the 360s DVD9 format because of free downloadable content for a baseball game lacking some unlockable stadiums and Cool Base alternate uniforms. Yet they justify a 5GB requirement installation on some upcoming games. Lets face it both of the system have their downside.

Lifendz3983d ago

don't say we didn't tell you guys. Can't blame ya though. I almost committed to a 360. Happy I didn't but you live and learn I suppose.

Maddens Raiders3983d ago

and ask her what she meant when she said developers will no longer state that blu-ray is needed.

mikeslemonade3982d ago

Downloading because you don't have enough space on DVD9 is worst than the 5gb installation on DMC4:
1. DVD9 is a limitation
2. Not all games on PS3 have large install like Uncharted
3. Only inexperience developers of the PS3 will use the large install option
4. Pretty soon most games on 360 will surpass DVD9 and not everyone has a HDD or 120HDD, so 360 owners will have to buy bigger first party expensive HDD
5.The install is a benefit to the game like increasing load times, but the DVD9 download limitiation has no benefits.

marinelife93982d ago

I want every 360 owner to say "Blu-Ray is useless for gaming" while looking at themselves in a mirror. You can lie to fanboys over the internet but you can't lie to yourself.

AngryTypingGuy3982d ago

No one thinks that BluRay is useless for gaming, because it is. Any disc with that much capacity is useful. BluRay is something that PS3 does right that the 360 does not. The next gen Xbox will run BluRay discs.

However, so far this generation, DVD9 has proven to be enough for 99% of games. For the most part, games run slightly smoother on the 360, not to mention look slightly better because programmers know how to get more out of it. Also, the 360 will never require a half hour load time like the PS3 does for DMC4. So both systems have their pros and cons and only pathetic fanboys won't admit that.

I've always said that a system is only as good as its games, so get the one that's right for you. Sorry, not everyone on earth will choose a PS3.

InMyOpinion3982d ago

Here's the reason an internet connection is needed.

I wonder what will be faster, installing the game on the PS3 or downloading the stadiums and uniforms for the 360?

xhairs3982d ago

#1 - The next-gen XBOX will NOT have a Blu-ray player, they're moving to DD (digital downloads) in case you haven't read the 5 million posts saying it will crush Blu-Ray.
2nd, when you're forced to log in, download, then install the content to an HDD (that may or may not be present due to if you have spent EXTRA money to get one or not) that all takes as much time (possibly a little less) than just slidin the disc in, clicking play and having the game install it for you. I for one just cleaned up the house a little while it installed, no big deal for me. (But I can see how some little kids might whine and complain about it)
3rd, as far as running smoother and looking smoother on the 360 goes, yes I agree, even CoD4 shows this, however with the release of the new PhyreEngine, I'm sure that will change (especially since it's multiplatform) if they start making all the games using this engine, the 360 can not in no way match up the PS3, it's impossible.
Stop crediting yourself and look at your own post and call yourself something other than a fan boy, I dare you.

fusionboxer3982d ago

When people say the next gen xbox will have a blu ray drive it's possible it might. Just don't expect it to have the same one in the current playstation 3.

I'm sure the R&D department at sony and now toshiba (laughs) are working on blu ray drives with faster read times so load times would increase without using various tricks and installations.

So if the next xbox did in fact have a blu ray drive it would most likely be an improved one.

Next would be sony releasing a slimmed down ps3 with a faster blu ray drive that everyone would then rush out to purchase due to the huge library of games on the system at that point.

AngryTypingGuy3982d ago

Xhairs, do you honestly think that the next Xbox won't have a disc drive. And if it does have one (which it will), do you think they would have DVD9? No, they'll use BluRay, since it's the winning format.

Yes, MS is looking to increase their DD business, but they'll also want a disc drive in their next console. It would hurt it sales-wise not to.

"Stop crediting yourself and look at your own post and call yourself something other than a fan boy, I dare you." -- Is it that time of the month for you? Yeah, I'm an Xbox fanboy, and proudly so. However my fanboyism isn't extreme to the point where I hate the other companies. I wish success for all 3 brands - it's what is best for the industry and the customers as well. And I still say that anyone who can't acknowledge that each console has its pros and cons is only lying to himself and is pathetic.

Good luck with your PhyreEngine.

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poopsack3983d ago

And those who have no hard drive on their 360 are completely screwed... you know... if they buy this that is

ben hates you3983d ago

one thing i know, everyone i know who bought the core edition bought a hard drive, i mean you can't do much with out it, and i could careless about this game, all sports games are the same you buy one and your set

InMyOpinion3982d ago

If you don't buy a rumble controller for the PS3 you don't get rumble. If you don't buy component cables you don't get HD. I'd rather have that out of the box than miss out on some uniforms/stadiums.

xhairs3982d ago

Rumble is a feature, not a requirement. Not to mention an HD cable is $50 tops, HDD? You're looking upwards to double that amount, so I don't understand what your post is even trying say. I would much rather only pay $50 and an optional $45 (rumble) than have to buy an HDD and wifi add-ons (this is also an option), etc. etc.

Skerj3983d ago

First Burnout, now this? Uh-oh. .. Well at least they won't be missing anything.

tethered3983d ago

What about Burnout on the 360?

poopsack3983d ago

If they had no hard drive online couldn't be played thats what

tethered3983d ago

Oh wow. I didn't know that. That would suck.
Thanks KnaveX

socomnick3983d ago

Ok so you cant play burnout if you did not have a hardrive right but you cant log in to live without a hardrive so whats the big problem ?

Skerj3983d ago

What? I thought you could log into Live without the hard drive, if not then why is that stupid XBLA download limit imposed for people without hard drives. If they can't get onto Live wtf are they going to download?

EZCheez3983d ago

I log into Live and I don't have a hard drive. My profile is saved on the memory card.

However, I just bought one off of ebay because I need one. I only bought the arcade because it's all that's left where I live other than the limited edition Halo 360's.

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tethered3983d ago

This should be fun. lol

Bill Gates3983d ago


What now BABOONS?..

If you don't own a HDD, than go BUY ONE from M$ because that's the reason they stuck with DVD9 and didn't include a HDD with every console,....TO RIP YOU OFF.....AHAHHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

ben hates you3983d ago

yea i think i know who the real baboon is... you

pwnsause3983d ago

nah, I think hes right about xbots being baboons.

Homicide3983d ago

LOL! Stupid xbots believing DVD-9 is big enough for all games.

BrianC62343983d ago

"LOL! Stupid xbots believing DVD-9 is big enough for all games."

This is too much. Just wait for another year. Then what? Games are just getting bigger and bigger. I've read where sometimes a Blu-ray was almost too small. That's because they include all the languages in the game so I guess that could be cut back. But what do you do for DVD?

I guess EA could have the game on two DVDs. One for the AL and one for the NL. I guess a third could be for the World Series so the two teams could play each other. Or maybe a download?

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Kain813983d ago

So it beginns the End of the DVD era

switch-it3983d ago

We got Lost Odyssey so its begun already.