Wii Pay and Play - one of Nintendo's cleverest ever moves?

This year's Game Developer's conference was a fairly quiet affair where Nintendo was concerned, but if there was one announcement that was going to ruffle the feathers of players, it was the confirmation that the firm would - after years of offering it for nothing - be charging players for the privilege of playing certain Wii titles online thanks to Wii Pay and Play.

Although many see this as Nintendo jumping late onto a bandwagon that they surely couldn't afford to miss, could making the decision at this point in time in particular, as well as factoring in some of the firm's pre-existing marketing tactics, be one of the cleverest it has ever made?

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l Drop Dead Ed l3891d ago

Oh well...It's a bold move, however, If Nintendo is truly a good company then they'll pump all that money we give them into the online service they offer. Whos wants to pay for an online service that isn't as deep and immersive as the Xbox community. Hopefully, Nintendo has some plans with the money that people are gonna eventually dish out.

KeenanTheSavage3891d ago

yeah, I hope they just really put a lot into it, and not half-ass it.

resistance1003891d ago

Who on there right mind will pay for a crappy service that the wii offers.

wiizy3891d ago

at least nintendo has most services and games for free.. im sure sony will start charging full price like xbox live... nintendo and wii will still have the cheapest online.

Hitman_Legend3891d ago

You shouldn't assume because you just make an ass of yourself.

M_Prime3891d ago

hey i would gladly pay 20bux a year to have friendcodes replaced... if they did a LIVE deal i would be into it.. but i expect demos and good servers..


Could this be an opening for possibly a MMORPG on the WII? who knows..

Hitman_Legend3891d ago

I think Nintendo would have to come out with a harddrive before you see an mmorpg.

fergie16163891d ago

If you ask me this can only be good news for online gaming. As long as we can still play the online we already have for free it won't bother me.

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The story is too old to be commented.