Vonderhaar on 'Black Ops 2' Prestige Master Hackers on the PS3

GR - "David Vonderhaar, game director of Black Ops 2, has commented on the Prestige Master hackers and glitchers on the PS3!"

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Dark_Overlord2302d ago

How about fixing the real issue, the one you constantly ignore but the vast majority complain about?


opoikl2302d ago

The competitive multiplayer is just one big mess. Spawning on your own grenade resulting in insta-death, entering a new match with only 9 bullets in a magazine (assault rifle) and of course the lag compensation all turn the online portion of the game into a rather bad joke.

I must admit, 2 people trying to knife each other while combating the lag compensation remains one of the most awkward and hilarious sights I have ever encountered in a game. Moments like those still make me chuckle from time to time, but more often than not it's rage quit after rage quit. Sad, 'cause I like this game more than MW3. Here's hoping the problem will dissolve when the majority of players has to go to school again next week.

MegaMohsi2302d ago

you can have no lag compensation if you set your connection preferences to best so you're only in matches with people who have internet connections similar to yours. goto join match and then hit square (PS3) and your connection preferences will show up, switch to best and try that out. Worked like a charm for me!

Dark_Overlord2302d ago

That was the first thing I tried, didn't make a bit of difference for me :(

CanadianTurtle2302d ago

Reading your comment makes me happy that I didn't buy BO2 on launch

ziggurcat2302d ago

brace yourselves... lame excuses from hackers claiming that they weren't cheating are coming.


you know what... I really don't mind the hackers...

They hack to get 10 prestige, once they have got it what then.. they still have to actually play the game and if they are crap, they only get more flak for it.

if your a 10 prestige and you get crapped on by a load of guys who are all like 1st or 2nd, you look stupid.

The biggest issue right now with this game as the lagcomp or smoothing code that has been turned up.

I know so many people who have stopped playing the game because of it.

NobleRed2302d ago

How about adding some recoil on smgs? It's retarded that assault rifles have more recoil than smgs. 90% of the noobs are running arround with smgs's with silencers and a red laser.

And increase the damn footsepts they are to quiet.

As mentioned above. Fix the damn lag in this game.

MegaMohsi2302d ago

amen to that! i hate that smgs > assault rifles doesn't make any sense

hobohunterz2301d ago

Stupid touchscreen hit disagree when I meant to agree...

IRON883 2302d ago

Nobody cares about prestige hackers fix the LAG

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