Five Reasons to buy a PS3

Enough of the negative - here's five reasons to invest in Sony's latest powerhouse of a console.

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bilal6440d ago

which you would have 100+ posts from 360 fanboys...
they should just stick to that girl bashing 360 story........
here we go...

D R Fz6440d ago

but then what can they say about the comparison

2. Value for Money

Despite the price tag, the PS3 is excellent value for money. sure, the console itself is $200 more expensive, but what's inside more than makes up for that:

Xbox 360 Standard: $399.99
Gold Xbox Live Subscription: At least $49.99 (per year)
Wireless Networking Adapter: $99.99
HD-DVD: $199.99
Total: $749.96

Playstation 3 standard: $599.99
PS3 Network Platform: Free
Wireless Networking Adapter: Built-in
Blu-ray player: Built-in
Total: $599.99

Plus you're getting a more poweful console, with a hard drive 3 times the size, a tilt-sensitive controller and card readers built in. So there's no doubt that the PS3 is great value for money.

Its plain and Simple, Ps3 is the better deal and the best value. Period.

bluhefner6440d ago

Ya u dont have 2 tell me twice im mos definately gettin a PS3,but not launch im sadly getting it early 2007.

uxo226440d ago

Okay, here's what I didn't like about the article.

First of all who said I wanted an HD DVD drive, please refund me 199.00 thank you very much.

Second, my house is wire for internet, so please refund me the so called 99.00 dollars for the wireless NIC. Thanks again.

The PS3 network platform, would that be equal to the Gold Xbox Live, I'm thinking silver. Please return my 49.99. Why Thank you.

I'm sorry, how much will it cost me to get all the tracks and cars for GT HD. Wow! How much did you say? No Thanks.

Now, After saying that, I already have an xbox360 and plan on buying a PS3 also. I just wanted to point out how a writer whether bias or not can slant a story to read the way they want it to. I'm sure, I could easily write a story call 5 reasons to by a Wii and skip the PS3 and XBOX 360, and pick up a following.

Thanks for Reading.

Mr Murda6440d ago

...for $599 and it includes all those things and I can install new software, word process, surf all of the web, play games, watch movies, watch TV, and do tons more.

My point is that value is in the eye of the beholder. Just cause it includes all of those things, it doesn't mean it's the BEST value.

TheXgamerLive6440d ago (Edited 6440d ago )

First off, we the XBOX 360 fans, don't need or have to buy anything extra, so our system is still 399.99 premium with XBOX silver membership "free", second you "do" have to buy all those things so you don't have something that we do have and that's a choice. If an XBOX 360 owner wants to buy or watch HD-DVD movies the wave of the future don't cha know, all they have to do is buy it, choice, 3rd, you will have to pay and pay dearly for ps3 online, remember it's free to sign on and do "some" basic things, any online play has been left up to the individual developer as to what they'll offer and charge, so you will pay individually and pay alot you will. We pay for the gold option 1 price all year long, your going to pay big time individually all year long, so unless you play single campaign all the time, get a job because your going to need it.

Final cost, your entire savings for a sony system. Blu ray is a joke, you'll see that as well. The author of said "joke" article also left out HD_DVD when comparing supposedly all other DVD formats. Another fony sony wannabe fan boy.

End of story.

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OutLaw6440d ago (Edited 6440d ago )

He points out alot of facts about the PS3 until he decided to start comparing prices. That's just his opinion not facts. At the moment I don't need wireless networking adapter to connect to the internet and I don't need HD DVD to watch movies or if possible play games. So take away 300 dollars from that list of his.

Tut6440d ago

His whole point with that price comparison was what is INCLUDED in the systems and what has to be bought seperately to make it even. He did make the mistake of using the PS3 as the template. Some people will never use the wireless or other things, but that still doesn't change the fact that Sony has those included in the system out of the box and the XBox360 does not and as a result to even out the accessories the XBox360 would cost more overall. Maybe Sony shouldn't have included some things, but you can't deny that if all of that stuff WAS expected in a console then Sony would have delivered at a better value than the XBox360 this time.

This in no way means I agree with his reasonings, I am simply pointing out his intentions doing a comparison like that. I personally wouldn't have.


joemutt6440d ago

The most expensive one is $70, why would you buy the $99 adapter that is sitting right next to a $50 adapter??

They have to use the most expensive add-ons, if you are worried about price buy a cheaper one.

It still doesnt change the fact that I paid $399 for my 360. I dont need wi-fi, or HD, so I saved alot of money, money for games.

Balance6440d ago

there are alot of faults in that i don't want to spend the time going through it.

but you can get a premium 360 on amazon for $350 no tax free shipping. i like that fact if i want something (like HD-DVD)i can get it, if i don't they don't charge me for something i am not using.
for example i didn't need wireless adapter when i got my 360 last year. a few months ago i moved and needed wireless so i bought it. i was happier paying the $100 now instead of last year, got 2 more games that i wouldn't have bought had they charged me for something i wasn't going to use last year.

DreDawgg066440d ago (Edited 6440d ago )

Obviously for that person the 600$ price was justified while for some it hasnt been so its all based on personal taste and how they felt about most of the PS2 Games, if your into Metal Gear and Grand Turismo your obviously going to love the PS3 but if your sick of games just being upgraded in graphics and the gameplay is basically the same from the original then wait for Mass Effect, BioShock and Fable 2 :)

Which are Xbox360 exclusives and will redefine their genre as opposed to upgrading it.

Ravenator5296440d ago

and I'll say it again.


Why do the mods at news4gamers.com insist on putting these "gamer opinions" as front page news?

All they do is start BS flame wars.

I have already posted to AP before. I do not blame him or the site for this. All he is doing is submitting content.

I just don't feel that it should be posted as actual news.