PS4: Everything We Know So Far

NowGamer: PS4, or the Orbis as some call it, is Sony's chance to enter the next-gen with a strong start, but which rumours should you believe?

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Ezz20132114d ago

"Everything We Know So Far " nothing and the same goes for nextbox
rumors are rumors

Toolster2114d ago

Every they "KNOW" has rumour next to it! Aka they "KNOW" f-all just like the rest of us at this point

SuperSonic2662114d ago

I know for a fact that it will be totally awsum!!!

TimmyShire2114d ago

I like these kind of things, gets me excited for next-gen and the possibilities.

Hellsvacancy2114d ago

Youll be happy to know there will be atleast 5 more months worth of this kind of articles, im sick of them personally

sandman2242114d ago

All I know is they once called it orbis. I think that's all we really know.

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The story is too old to be commented.