Sony PlayStation 3 (60GB) preview

CNET gives us a first look at Sonys next-gen console the PS3...

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PS3 Ultimate5901d ago

That is not the 60GB PS3 that is on display there, thats the 20GB version. Welp, we are only 1 month and 12 days away from launch day!


"But the release dates, gigahertz comparisons and Blu-ray boasts will probably take a backseat to the two most important factors: games and pricing. The Xbox 360 is slowly but surely amassing a roster of impressive titles and will have even more when the PS3 becomes available. Furthermore, the 360 will also be priced at least £145 less than the high-end PS3.

The burden is now on Sony to justify the massive price tag (for a gaming console) while it captures an exclusive, must-have game that sells the system. The most likely candidate for that honour lies with Konami's Metal Gear Solid 4. Sony didn't do itself any favours by drawing undue comparisons with the much cheaper Wii when it incorporated less impressive motion-sensitive technology in the controller. Sony's betting that hard-core gamers -- and high-def fanatics looking for a sub-£500 Blu-ray player -- will be happy to run up their credit card debt come next March. But for parents all over the world searching for a Christmas present, the cheaper Xbox 360 and Wii will be serious competition."

DreDawgg065901d ago

Very well written and unbiased straight forward
report with mostly facts and little speculation.

PS360PCROCKS5901d ago

yeah good article, cnet is usually pretty good for that

THE TRUTH5901d ago

I will preview the PS3 myself and make my own opinions based off the games I play. But I can pretty much say that PS3 has its system sellers, and yes I used a plural that SELLERS!! RFOM, Heavenly Sword, and Motorstorm all exclusive and all looking look like AAA titles! That's a FPS, a racing and a action game so Sony won't have to wait for MGS4! I can't wait to hit up my best buy to check these games out for myself!

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