Assassin's Creed min requirements updated

Some of you may remember the earlier news about the rather steep minimum requirements of the forthcoming PC version of Ubisoft's hit Assassin's Creed. Those specs were quickly pulled from the web, but Ubisoft have done the right thing and put them back up, with changes.

The differences are minor but they do bring the specs back down, closer to Earth!

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MK_Red3943d ago

Nice find. Hopefully now more PC gamers can enjoy this beautiful game.

Scarfy3943d ago

No offence to the PC gamers, because I used to be one, but when you look at the specs of a PC vs that of a PS3 or an Xbox, you do have to wonder.

Yes, consoles have specialised hardware for running games, and don't have the overhead of a massive OS, but still... it's a bit much.

Rageanitus3943d ago

If you know how to tweak the pc properly..

I.e I have a x1950xtx and gears of war has better texture, at higher res 1600x 1050, and smoother than the xbox counterpart.. And my cpu is an opteron 185 dual core with 2 gigs of ram...

Now you look at the specs of the xbox they are a tad worse than my computer, and I have plenty more ram (ram is cheap btw).

Its all in the way you tweak things.... Ive been tweaking my computer since dos based games.....

LinuxGuru3943d ago

You think an dual-core Opteron is better than a Triple-core 3.2GHz PPC?

Besides the processor, the 360 doesn't have impressive all.

If the 360 had 2GB system Ram, and the ATI card inside had 512MB ram....and a MUCH better design / cooling system....then THAT would be a console that would put PCs to shame.

Can you imagine a 3-core 2GB 512 video ram console? That thing would scream!

By the way, anyone know of any good websites that tell how to reduce Windows Vista memory usage?


TheIneffableBob3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

Vista uses prefetching to cache RAM. It's not memory intensive, it's just making use of your RAM. There's no reason in having 2GB if you're not going to use it.

Oh, and Ubisoft have been putting out some pathetic PC ports recently. Rainbow Six: Vegas and Splinter Cell: Double Agent were incredibly buggy and resource intensive, and Assassin's Creed looks like it'll be the same.

Charmers3943d ago

I guess Ubisoft stopped smoking that funny smelling tobacco. I mean seriously 3,072mbs to run a game, over SIX times the amount available to consoles. You really do have to wonder what on earth they were smoking.

Skynetone3943d ago

ATI RADEON X1300 and 4 gigs, on my vista machine

i think ill stick to concole gaming

the ps3 and 360 have certainly uped the specs for pc gamers

potenquatro3943d ago

ur right. and then pc ups the standard specs for consoles. and so on,and so on,and so on......................

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The story is too old to be commented.