Alas, No 120GB PS3 Or In-Game XMB Yet: Sony Talks PS3 Home

The Game Developers Conference was a bit of a letdown. Sony didn't use the GDC to make any announcements like the much anticipated in-game XMB addition or the official phasing out of the 80GB PS3 for a larger model.

Heck, there wasn't even a keynote. Sony gave PS3 News no PlayStation 3 news to talk about.

But that's all behind us now, so it's back to waiting for what's in store this year...most importantly Home.

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xaphanze3891d ago

Why is it so difficult to include ingame XMB?Seriously now...

Tyler Durden3891d ago

this is getting ridiculous

kingOVsticks3891d ago

they want to spring it out on us all at once with home and I don't even think they know when its coming out themselves but I really hope that they understand it needs to come out before gta4 or mgs4 it really feels like they are keeping us in the dark for too long.

Mars Attacker3891d ago

I'm sure XMB would have been out long ago if it was as technically simple as it seems on the surface. Probably because there is not enough RAM to implement it properly. In game XMB will require a chunk of RAM that I bet wasn't (couldn't be) reserved for "future expansion" in the early days. If that's the case then XMB won't work with current games and implementing it will gimp some future games.

Sony skimped on RAM to save cost and their OS design is obviously lacking.

Lifendz3891d ago

is it a problem due to Ram? Is it going to require such a massive update that it's not even feasible? What's the holdup? Heck, we still can't use a custom avatar for our PSN ID. Get it together sony!

Montrealien3891d ago

My theory is, sony will want to sell you the music.

wow143891d ago

The issue is resource reservation.

The PSN and the PS3 OS arent built in the same way as LIVE and Xbox360 OS & Guide.

This is mandatory reading for anyone who is interested in understanding the situation:

wow143891d ago


You know, that is *incredibly* interesting. Maybe they are avoiding in-game music becuase they want to only allow DRM-controlled music?

wow4u3891d ago

read comment from wow14 on the second page.

The problem is the resources required. There is a lot of resources already occupied *without* the in-game-xmb, the Game Developers can't give up any more.

Omegasyde3891d ago

why can't they dedicate a whole SPU to it? Uncharted said it was only using less than half and that NO GAME has used all of the cell multicore power.


LastDance3891d ago

Yeah My god... if a bunch of computer geeks say its easy it MUST be.

Why dont you put your own cross media bar in if its so god damn easy and stop complaining.

They will release it when they are ready. Its not like Oh its done okay here guys. what about all the download hits in one day they will get. they need to make sure their system doesnt crash. ten million people will be downloading it.

Youll get it when its ready so stop complaining and play some games.

No announcement for consoles? gee.. youd think this was a game developers conference or something the way sony are treating it.

Mars Attacker3891d ago

There may be SPU's sittling idle, but there is no unused RAM. The PS3 memory architecture was poorly designed and much too small to service 7 SPU's at the same time running "RAM hungry" programs like video games. It does great at tiny programs like Folding at Home though.

This is the dirty little secret of the PS3. The PS3 should have had 1 gig of dual ported RAM from the get-go. This would have been WAY more important to pay the extra coin for than Blu Ray. Sony's priorities (greed) got in the way. Why do you think the great and powerful PS3 can rarely match the 360 in real world game performance? With 1 gig of RAM the PS3 would be stomping the 360 a new mudhole at this point. Unfortunately there is no way to upgrade the RAM either.

Future proof?

gambare3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

I don't know why do people complain about what sony showed at GDC, the GDC event is a forum and showcase of tech and innovation of software for gaming, not a gaming parole like the E3 was and the TGS is, sony just showed software and game develop tools like the new developer tools for the PS3 or the show of Home tools, just like squarenix did with Crystal tools. I'm going to anger many xbox lovers but... Microsoft made the GDC their personal E3 blowing many of their bullets for this year and sony just reserved his stuff for another show.

about 1.11

You really don't know how a multi-proc works right?

Expy3890d ago

Because it'll be the ONLY next-gen platform to include an in-game XMB (or any similar implementation).


We asked for in-game XMB, and that's what they are creating, in-game XMB.

Unlike XBOX 360 where you only get one blade (minimal, not at all or even close to the full OS) and Wii's 2-4 option home button screen (which is barely an implementation of an OS at all) Playstation 3's in-game XMB is probably going to be just that, an in-game representation of the Xross Media Bar (not some cut down version of every one of its features).

Elvfam5113840d ago

people are complaining about these little updates we been having after they complaining that we don't have any like wtf im happy that we are even getting anything right now and the ps store wow great update i can wait for in-game xmb and home i know that ain't coming out now but in really want that but i wait enjoy the games that are coming out and sony keep bringing those little updates they are the sh!t (for me) dvd are awesome and the game are amazing but keep complaining people about those little updates im loving them

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whoelse3891d ago

I guess we didn't get any more from Nintendo either.

E3 next...

kingOVsticks3891d ago

isn't that like mid summer? Is there honestly no other kind of game expo coming out until then?

xplosneer3891d ago

Is Sony Gamers Day before that?

The Milkman3891d ago

Not even private chat... Well you better hope your buddy is playing the same game as you if you want to carry on a conversation.

bootsielon3891d ago

We would have seen a blowout of information at GDC, because if not, then when? They still have to release the open beta. My bet is that Home won't be ready until holiday season of this year. Maybe 2008 won't be that great for PS3 as Gran Turismo, Killzone and Final Fantasy seem to be delayed until 2009. Maybe even Resident Evil 5.