Sony is Crippling PS Vita Sales by Thier ‘Portable Console’ Marketing

By Furious Francis, editor in chief

The PS Vita is a fantastic device. A perfect OLED screen, multi-touch, and back touch pad, 3G, trophies, and more. However, Sony is not doing themselves any favors with their current marketing of the PS Vita as a portable console. Sony should really drop this type of marketing because it directly competes with their actual home console, the PS3. While some consumers will love to buy PlayStation All Stars on the PS3 and get a free Vita copy, most gamers want unique PS Vita experiences they can’t get anywhere else. Sony needs to stop marketing it against the Wii U, highlight the ‘unique’ PS Vita software, and figure out a way to get PSP owners their games for reduced price or free. I already know the PS Vita can thrive on its own. It’s time Sony starts marketing it that way.


* Typo in the title "Sony is Crippling PS Vita Sales by Their 'Portable Console' Marketing."

Sorry about that....

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MmaFan-Qc2302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

"Sony is not doing themselves any favors with their current marketing of the PS Vita as a portable console. Sony should really drop this type of marketing because it directly competes with their actual home console, the PS3."

uh, what about....NO!

i want handheld, its that simple, i also want a ps3, so i have them both.

Its THAT simple.

oh and btw, we can be pretty sure that the top accessory port on the ps vita will used with the ps4/orbis or some kind of bluetooth connectivity between both consoles, its obviously obvious.

iamnsuperman2302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

"i want handheld, its that simple, i also want a ps3, so i have them both."

That is true for a small amount of people but I argue ( I did it in a recent blog here) they are not pushing the connectivity (PS3/PSV) far enough. Handheld games are great but to ask a consumer to put 30 odd quid down for a portable game seems like a tall order especially when there are iphones that sell at a maximum games at £4.99. For a lot of us it is fine to put down 30 odd quid (it is a big hobby) but we don't carry systems anymore. What Sony really needs to do is pull their finger out and make remote play for all games (well at least their own games). I think that is a big sell that no-one is doing. It may happen with Gaikai in the future but it really needs to happen now (should have happened when the vita launched.

They also (along side sorting out the remote play thing) need to release some low budget games that the general consumer/ children will like at a lower price.

nukeitall2302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

I think consumers are starting to be cautious about Sony. Sony has a history of sayingg things, but then essentially not support it enough. More like, we do it just enough to say it.

Take the PSP Go that was supposed to get day-and-date releases with the regular PSP which of course never did. They still sell the PSP, but not the PSP Go to boot!

What about the PSV + PS3 = Wii U, yet there is only one game supporting it.

Remember all those outlandish comments made by Sony about the PS3 capabilities?

Sony needs to make it clear and loud what they are offering and then show up for the party! Even Xbox 360 has way more SmartGlass interactivity than PSV + PS3, yet Sony was way louder! WTF?

xursz2302d ago

**Xbox360 has way more smart glass connectivity than PSV + PS3**

I know you don't like sony but you're getting carried away here. Does smart glass enable you to cross-save to carry your game with you on the go? What about cross-buy? How about cross-play multiplayer? No? Ok, then.

GribbleGrunger2302d ago

Jesus, I've always found this argument stupid. They CANNOT compete with themselves here, they sell BOTH handhelds. If Sony make more money from the sale of a PSP (which is likely) then why on God's earth would they want to stop production?

It's about making money people. Stop seeing it as some sort of race, it leads to ridiculous hypothesis. This reminds me of the articles suggesting that Blu-ray wouldn't be successful because of DVD still being popular. The same companies made BOTH! Of course Blu-ray was going to become popular, it was just a matter of when it would become profitable to push it hard.

Phil322302d ago

I thought the person who posted this story to N4G got it wrong, but no, the actual site got a spelling mistake in their own editorial title...

PopRocks3592302d ago

I've argued something akin to this. If people didn't want to buy a 3DS for Street Fighter and two awesome N64 remakes, no self-respecting Sony fan is going to buy a portable platform that plays games their PS3 already plays.

I think the Vita is a great platform, but all of the games on that I actually want to play are already on the PS3. Tearaway is an exception but I will never buy a platform for just one game.

TongkatAli2302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

You wouldn't buy it period cause you're a Fanboy. I have a Wii U and only have one game for it, lol. You wanna know how many I got on my Vita ? 16 in almost one year and it has a good number of exclusives for being out for one year sooo don't give that port bs excuse when the Wii U is shiting ports left and right as well, fanboy.

I love when you Nintendo fanboys bring up your ports "it's awesome N64 jizz" but when the Vita gets awesome ports "oh who gives a ####" love it, lol.

solid_warlord2302d ago

Congradulations, u officialy own more Vita games than anyone in the world

PopRocks3592302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )


Wow, instead of bringing up any actual points you made yourself look like a jackass.

Congrats for all the games on your Vita. Good for you? Most of those games I can get on the PS3 or they don't interest me. I'm sorry but that's the truth of the matter. I'm not really interested in CoD: Declassified or the ACIII spinoff.

I'll remember that ports comment when I'm playing Resident Evil Revelations, Super Mario 3D Land, or when newer exclusive games like Bayonetta 2 come out on Wii U. Also the N64 games were not ports, they were remakes with new graphics and in one case some new content.

Really man, was this attack on me and other Nintendo fans even necessary? I WANT a Vita. I just don't think the software library justifies it, let alone the price admission.

G-cis2302d ago

ports and remakes are 2 different things

phantomexe2302d ago

I purchased the only 2 games the vita had that i felt were AAA. uncharted which i think is amazing and AC. Nothing else seems that great.We need some really big rpgs.....legend of the dragoon anyone.

doogiebear2302d ago

Who said anything about Wii U? Your arguing that as if he said he would buy a wii u for one game. I own a vita and love it. But your argument is a strange rant.

rainslacker2301d ago


I guess I officially won that honor, because I own 19 physical retail games, and several DD games, not to mention some PSP titles I skipped, as well as some PS1 classics I liked back in the day. In one year I've brought more software for the Vita than I have purchased for any other system over several years, and I've been gaming for over 30 years now, so that's no small feat on the Vita's part.

I can't argue with what you feel would make it worth your while to buy the system, that's completely subjective. I personally have found quite a few of the ports and exclusives to be worth the investment. All those extra games are just icing on the cake.

But it would help if people (not necessarily you) would stop saying the system has no games, or that it doesn't have exclusive content, because it most certainly does. It also has ports, that can't be denied either. I find choice to be a good thing.

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boybato2302d ago

" no self-respecting Sony fan is going to buy a portable platform that plays games their PS3 already plays."

lol. I bought MGS HD for both the Vita and the PS3. (Not to mention I own all them games from past consoles as well)
maybe I'm just a gamer who wants to play games both at home and at work.

PopRocks3592302d ago

And I don't like spending more money than I can afford on a single game. Let alone on a second copy of a collection that is outright missing one of the games in it.

boybato2302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )


why the double standards with ports? You hate it too much that the Vita has some yet it's alright when most games, at the moment, for the Wiiu are ports as well...

btw I would have bought a 3ds even solely for MGS3D xept' that I am a leftie who felt disabled having only one analogue stick... so you couls say that I'd rather have a game missing rather than a missing hardware component. lol

ronin4life2301d ago

You want to play it at home?
Then play the vita version while at home. Why buy the exact same thing at the exact same time for one person that will do the same thing as buying it once? Most people would only want it once, and currently there isn't enough for the vita to make it worth buying over the ps3, nor to make someone buy it to complement their current ps3.

boybato2301d ago


cross buy
ps plus

"there isn't enough for the vita to make it worth buying over the ps3, nor to make someone buy it to complement their current ps3."
I am pretty sure that most Vita owners also has a PS3?

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MasterCornholio2302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

Im sorry pop but everyone knows that your a hardcore Nintendo fanboy who refuses to buy any piece of hardware that lacks Nintendos brand name.

Heck if the Vita was made by Sony and Nintendo produced games for it you still wouldnt buy it because its a handheld made by Sony.

P.S I have just read some of your comments and the only thing you do is defend the Wii U. Why are you so insecure about the future of your console? Cant you just accept that it isnt perfect and has some flaws that need looking at and cant you accept that the Wii U might not be a lot more powerful than the 360 and the PS3? You remind me of the Metroid user who claims that the Wii U is 50x more powerful than the PS3 and the 360 yet he never mentions the controller or the games.

PopRocks359 " no self-respecting Sony fan is going to buy a portable platform that plays games their PS3 already plays."

I dont know why your trying to make cross buy seem like a horrible feature for the Vita. Theres really nothing wrong with buying a game and getting the other version for free like in the case of Pinball Arcade, Super Stardust HD and Sounds and Shapes (in my case). I enjoy being able to play these games at home on the big screen and on the go when i cant take my PS3 with me.

metroid322302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

Wii U is as powerful as it needs to be cpu has features current HD consoles don't have and is clocked slightly less namco's words,the gpgpu squashes ps3/360 its dx11/open gl 4.1 territory you fool and 32mb edram is beastly mate for extreme gameplay not one game is using the gpgpu at all yet the gpgpu has a cpu essentially built in and if you read the specs on the computing power of the E6760 has it demolishes the cpu's in ps3/360 with zero hit on graphics performance SORRY GUYS when games are using the gpgpu with the cpu gosh games will be OUTSTANDING.

solid_warlord2302d ago

@metroid32 No, Wii U gpu does not support DX11. It the old radeon 400 series from 2008. Its not Dx11 complient. Devs have confirmed this.

PopRocks3592302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )


"Im sorry pop but everyone knows that your a hardcore Nintendo fanboy who refuses to buy any piece of hardware that lacks Nintendos brand name."

I own a Steam account, a PS3 and a 360, so that point is moot. Calling me a Nintendo fanboy for defending my preferred publisher is not really going to get you anywhere. If someone were attacking the PS3 or Vita, I doubt you would be doing anything different.

"I dont know why your trying to make cross buy seem like a horrible feature for the Vita."

Because I don't want to pay $100 for something that barely works as well as a Wii U? Not every game supports the "buy one get both" program that Sony put out. On top of this my friend who owns a Vita showed me the cross-play system doesn't work nearly as well as it should. It simply is not worth it to me.

But what does it matter what point I bring up? I'm just a dumb Nintendo fanboy who doesn't play anything but Nintendo games, right?

*Looks at his PS3 copy of Borderlands 2* Scuse me, I have better things to do.

metroid322302d ago

your right the 3ds has solid games like Revelations/Kid icurus/Paper mario/Mario 3d land/Monster hunter 3,3G,Ultimate/Monster hunter 4/to name a few the value is there and the best graphics we have seen on 3ds match vitas if not surpass the 3ds games are specially built for 3ds rather than down ports from wii or wiiu,look at EX Troopers it looks identical to ps3 and got the better reviews ?

The 3DS has in my eyes surpassed current gen HD consoles with better experiences Revelations is the best RE after RE4 Ect can vita boast the same i dont think so even MH3G on 3DS had 60fps and real time shadows compared to zero shadows and 30fps on wii ?

millzy1022302d ago

@ solid warlord sorry dude your kind of right but wrong at the same time.
here's a link

but the thing is when devs talk about DirectX it doesn't always mean it can run directx as such, they use it a guideline so people know what to expect. as DirectX is microsft ninty doesnt license the usage rights from them but it can run simalar tool sets to that of directx 11 so that's why it "doesn't use DirectX 11" or any directx for that matter, I think Sony is the same, they refuse to pay the competition when other options are availible. if they licensed the usage it could run it though.

as for vita, Sony need to stop dev support on PSP in Japan that is the biggest factor in that region as many still buy PSP. also they need to stop marketing it as a Wii u rival when connected to ps3, its just not and I know first hand (dont bring up little big plabbet its only 4 levels not full game and every Wii u game uses wii u features for the whole thing) they need to get the connectivity with ps4 perfect to rival the Wii u, and I mean 2 player online off the same game in the ps4 one on tv one on vita (like Wii u game pad) and make it work with most games and real remote play on almost every game then they can market it as a direct Wii u rival (i know it is technically but you know what I mean) anyway can't wait for ps4.

TongkatAli2302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

Eveytime you comment on the Vita " I WANT it, but it isn't worth it and it's a waste" come on really ? You're a huge fanboy. Tell my best freind the 3DS is better then the Vita and he will laugh at your face hard. He has RE 3DS and he hasn't even bothered to finish it.

I buy Nintendo products and judge them CAUSE I bought them, you can't really say shit when you ignore it's exclusives and DONT even own a Vita, again huge fanboy. Just don't comment on anything related to Vita, sales are bad we know you're happy no need to continue kicking it on the floor. You're promoting the Vita is bad and don't buy it, again huge fanboy.

It's funny how you told boybato he doesn't respect himself then you say " bur but that's how I feel blah blah you wasted your money", mind your business fanboy, mind your business.

G-cis2302d ago

dude,you need to take a chill pill

PopRocks3592302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

"Tell my best freind the 3DS is better then the Vita and he will laugh at your face hard."

It's called an opinion? I'm allowed to think that just as your friend is allowed to think what he thinks. I've never stated otherwise.

"you can't really say shit when you ignore it's exclusives and DONT even own a Vita"

What exclusives? Sequels to games I don't care for? Or the spinoffs I also don't care for? People who don't own a Wii U judge it, and besides I've said that the Vita is a great piece of hardware. The fact that it CAN play PS3 games is rather amazing, but that's not what I want it to do. I want games for it that I CAN'T play on the PS3, like Tearaway. Since when is this a bad thing?

"You're promoting the Vita is bad and don't buy it"

I NEVER told anyone not to buy it. I've only ever stated why I personally am not buying it FOR NOW. The games don't interest me right now, I think the 3G Vita is a ripoff and the memory cards are far too expensive.

And finally I am NOT happy that the Vita is not selling well. I WANT all platforms to sell well, not just the Wii U because that means more competition and more competition leads to more games. That's just my view on it and I'm not forcing anyone to see things my way. So how about you refrain from putting words in my mouth?

Also great job refuting my point about owning a Steam account, a PS3 and 360 (not to mention that I have just as many games on each platform as my Wii/Wii U). Oh wait, you didn't. You're an insult to Sony fans when your only comeback in a debate is "HERP DERP FANBOY." Irony at its best, really.

tubers2301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

You don't have to touch a fire to know it's hot.

People who have done enough research of the VITA can STILL GIVE valid points and opinions even if they don't actually own one.

TongkatAli2302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

You keep pointing out flaws like we don't already know, again huge fanboy. I own one and like it, you don't and beileve its not worth it so next time non WiiU owners diss the Wii U just stfu deal ? You call me a fanboy but it would be the pot calling the Kettle black so okay lol.

Neonridr2302d ago

All you've done is sit here and call PopRocks a fanboy but clearly you are only showing your fanboy colors by doing so.

The guy clearly likes Nintendo, as do I, but also supports other systems. I have a 360 and used it a heck of a lot more than my Wii, but I still prefer Nintendo consoles hands down for the 1st party games. The reason my 360 saw more play time was due to the 3rd party games.

I own a Wii U and love it. I have ZombiU, NSMBU, AC3, Scribblenauts, Trine 2: DC, Nano Assault Neo, and Black Ops 2. Sure I could have got Black Ops 2 and AC3 for my 360 instead, and would have had a slightly more polished game (frame rates are slightly better in each game - although graphics are debatable). However I chose the Wii U versions for the gamepad play on both. I don't have to sit in front of the TV to play either game. A feature the Vita has claimed can do with the PS3 but has failed to prove otherwise.

Remember there was an article by the Sony team stating that anything the Wii U can do the Vita can do as well. Well here's a simple response to that - Prove it! The Vita is a great handheld that has the potential to do great things, but Sony seems to be doing everything in its power to prevent it from being successful. By not including backwards compatibility they single-handedly prevented the Vita from being successful in Japan. It's so embarassing to see the previous iteration outsell it week in and week out. If Sony had allowed the Vita to play PSP games, more people would have made the transition. But why would a developer make a game for the Vita when like 3 million people own them versus how many that own the PSP? It's simple math which equals dollars.

The Wii U is a great system that appeals to a certain type of gamer, just like the Vita does. But until the software library gets significantly better, the Vita will continue to wallow in poor sales. Either that or Sony will have to cut the price.

ragincajun772302d ago

Wanna take a guess which "console" had the most exclusives in 2012?

ronin4life2301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

That list looks bs to me. No basis for what was included. No clarification of what qualifies as "exclusive". And no listed titles: just numbers that we have to trust were tallied correctly.

Also suspect that the site threw a security flag at me.

In fact, looking at the numbers that just looks like EVERY vita game released physically was included rather than picking which were exclusive...
@[email protected]

Seriously, all I can think looking at that graph is "WTH?"

profgerbik2302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

I am just responding on the whole Wii U supports Direct X 11.

There is no where that one will find anywhere where it says it fully supports DirectX 11 other than a bunch of bogus sources or actually just mainly one source NintendoGen, I mean that crap was released before the Wii U was even out.. That should indicate it isn't the most reliable thing to base facts on.

I am not even bashing the system but most people don't know shit about computing anyway. For instance someone can buy a DirectX 11 video card and install it in Windows XP which clearly does not support directX 11. The card will work just fine, it will produce graphics better than the last but it will never support DirectX 11 fully or in a real sense unless it's software based emulations which can be driven from game engines.

The Wii U is in the same position, even if it did have a DirextX 11 GPU which it very obviously doesn't. It still would not be able to even use DirectX 11 as nothing in the system supports it other than the GPU which means nothing.

The Radeon it uses is DirectX 10.1 by the way and what many don't understand is all the features they yap on about as if DirectX 11 had them only have existed in even older video cards even DirectX 9, even DirectX 8...

No console will ever use DirectX fully unless it's Microsoft's. They have already restricted 11.1 to only Windows 8 systems. So from that alone it's pretty obvious how it works, they own DirectX. It isn't hard to see why consoles unless theirs will not support it.

When you have games like Metro: Last Night not coming to the Wii U you have to question why? If it's GPU was indeed superior, if the system itself was truly superior to all current console tech why on earth can't it handle the same games older consoles are?

Exactly cause it's not as amazing as it's rumored to be keyword rumored.. As far as it goes even developers have been quoted saying it's maybe possible to emulate Direct X 11 capabilities.. the Wii U does not even use Direct X functionality. So like I said even if it were true that it does support Direct X 11 it would not matter when the OS and system components are not made to support it.

I don't get what is so hard for people to understand about that and if it ever does see anything DirectX 11 "like" it's purely dependent on developers engines to do so which is clearly software driven, not DirectX 11 truly anyway.

I am so glad I have stuck with PC's all my life, people with their Apple iphones and whoring consoles are truly stupid when it comes to anything that is actually technical. They just recite everything they hear from everyone else. Building my own PC's has taught me a lot.

I know how computers work, I know how DirectX 11 works and what it needs to work which would be an OS that supports it, obviously the Wii U's doesn't.

Again I am not even bashing the system I am just trying to get some of you to learn something or actually face the reality that has always existed in Nintendo's case.

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Sp1d3ynut2302d ago

"Thier"? And this is coming from the "Editor in Chief", smh....

Killzoner992302d ago

An Editor in Chief who can't even spell? This guy is a joke , that voids the whole article. I don't take advice from illiterates.

EddieNX 2302d ago

I love my vita. But the reason it's not doing well. Because it has next to 0 big sellers. Monster Hunter Has been stripped away. Kingdom hearts and Resi are also on 3ds. So are all Nintendo's big hitters.

I love the vita , but Sony don't really know what they're doing in the handheld gaming market. Nintendo has decades of experience and consistency .......

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