Why The Walking Dead Is Important To Games

1985FM gave Telltale's point-and-click adventure game of the year for 2012. As critically acclaimed as The Walking Dead is, many claim its not much of a "game". Randy goes into finer detail on this and other reasons why The Walking Dead is so revolutionary and important to games.

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CommonSense2302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

You know, I really enjoyed this game...for what it was; but all this overpraise is ruining it for me.

It was a pretty good story told in a classic adventure game sort of way and it was a fun 5-6 hour experience. It wasn't a great game, it wasn't a very memorable game, and it is hardly "important" for the industry.

Diversity is important for the industry, originality (Which walking dead is not) is important for the industry, risk-taking is important for the industry. This is just a fun, reasonably priced experience that a lot of people will enjoy.

KING852302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

To each his own. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I would surely not say that your opinion is in any way incorrect. I will however go as far as to state that IMO no point and click game has achieved such a feat that The Walking Dead has achieved. For that I would have to say this type of game is important to the industry. People say its not a game, or that your choices did not alter the important developments in the game. Perhaps this may be true, but the dialogue and story were certainly top notch so kudos to the writers and the actors who did the voiceovers. Calling the game unoriginal is like calling all games unoriginal as people are influenced from one another. Simply put, they took a simple genre and made it compelling.

T-What2301d ago

I very much enjoyed The Walking Dead game but I think its stupid how its getting praised so much because I have been playing games just like it since I was young, point and click adventure games have been around forever and just now people are like, this game is so great and original,lol
Awesome that one of my favorite types of games is coming back but so silly that so many people think its a new thing. It is a great game nothing against the game just the blind people who never cared until now.

Cursinguser2301d ago

My first PC game was Monkey Island in the 80s. I'm by no means a stranger to point-and-click games. However, the difference between TWD and most of those games is gigantic. Its the way they use the genre. Not simply the genre.