Nintendo games available on a mobile phone

For hardcore game fans, the concept of playing Nintendo games on a mobile is as alluring as it is unlikely, with the Japanese giants steadfastly refusing to license their titles or get involved in development for hardware they did not create. Indeed, it had seemed that we'd have to wait until the much-rumoured Nintendo phone arrived before we'd get to take Mario mobile.

Now however it appears that could all change, with the arrival of Fly mobile's new MC100, the first handset to support both Java games AND classic Nintendo gaming platforms including NES, SNES, Gameboy and Gameboy Colour.

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ElFozzie3889d ago many days do you give this handset before Nintendo's legal department get to it? ;-)

KeiZka3888d ago

Depending on licenses and whatnot, approx. one day. Then again, if it's connected to VC... Who knows?