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EuroGamer: "It's unfortunate that the controversy surrounding The War Z has given it such a high profile, because inevitably more poor saps will buy it to see for themselves. If you're even slightly tempted, just remember that at the maelstrom's core is a very basic and ugly game made by a company that is both dishonest and incompetent. Combining disgraceful ethics with endemic failures of design, The War Z is a real disaster."

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claud32116d ago

it did this all by itself

Welshy2116d ago

Something needs to have high expectations and hype around it to be overrated.

This was just a disaster from start to finish.

RXL2116d ago

A disaster is usually something that happens suddenly, and without warning. This was a calamity.

or more appropriate..a clusterf__k from start to finish.

grailly2115d ago

surprisingly some communities were expecting greatness out of this. The r/gaming subreddit really was looking forward to it. It was kinda funny when they got angry because they couldn't get refunds haha.

ATi_Elite2116d ago

3/10............that's way to friggin High!

allyc4t2116d ago

It's sad that some people are confusing WarZ with DayZ. I sure hope it doesn't effect DayZ when the standalone comes out. It's a very fun and unique game.

porkChop2116d ago

Shit game built upon lies and deceit. If you ask me, having played the game, I believe that 3/10 is actually a bit higher than the game deserves in its current form. I would personally give it a 2.5, maybe even a 2. The developers should be ashamed of themselves.

Bonerboy2116d ago

A "3"?!? Overrated indeed. If only this abhorrent mess could squeeze in on top of all the Atari 2600 ET cartridges that are buried in the new mexico desert. No one should be subjected to this piece of shit. Its just too easy now a days for scammers to take advantage of online transactions. Curse you age of digital downloads! Curse you!

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