No DMC 4 on Wii… Ever

DigitalBattle writes:

"With the Devil May Cry series going multiplatform starting with DMC 4, everyone thought a Wii version would be released, too. As it stands, the developers have no intention of releasing a Nintendo edition of the game anytime soon, since porting it over to the Wii would mean they would have to sacrifice a lot of things.

This comes straight from DMC 4 producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi, who says: "You know, a lot of people ask us if we are going to bring out a Wii version. I simply don't think you can make the game the type of game it is, with the awesome graphics and control - I don't think that would work on the Wii. So, I don't think we're going to bring one out, no."

"I would take that as a big, fat 'no'. Hardcore optimists may differ."

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Silver3603943d ago

doesn't take crap from anyone. lol. they have gotten very blunt lately.

IzKyD13313943d ago

"I simply dont think you can make the game the type of game it is, with the awesome graphics and control. I dont think that would work on the Wii"


wiizy3943d ago

i doubt that nintendo and wii owners care one bit after all smash bros just finish destroying devil may cry in japan and will do the same here next month... capcom can just come up with new games for the wii.

BLUR1113943d ago

TRUE^ capcom is amazing like that. it really just wouldnt work for the wii

rbanke3943d ago

It's a shame to buy a console for 1 or 3 games.

IzKyD13313943d ago

after super smash bros and mario kart wii, what else do you guys have?

Ivix3942d ago

re: 3.3

You're exactly right. The only current gen system I have is the Wii and I am very concerned about what is to come after Mario Kart Wii is released. Nintendo better be planning on unveiling some crazy things at E3 that better be more than something like "Wii Still Play".

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blynx1823943d ago

But remember, whoever the hell this guy is, he had NOTHING to say when Capcom moved development of Monster Hunter 3 from the PS3 to the Wii.

OC Shock Value3943d ago

Smash bros killed it anyway.. Plus I also have a PS3 so i win i guess

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The story is too old to be commented.