XNA and You - Part I

Many of you have been dreaming of an easy & affordable way to get into videogame design and programming. Now, with the tools that Microsoft has provided with XNA, that dream is a reality. GoneMicrosoft thought it would be a great service to our readers if you could see exactly what someone who is developing a game for XNA experiences.

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heyheyhey3942d ago

i think XNA is a flop

it;s basically flash only you have to pay to use it

if you really want something like this then go play some flash games on the internet- there's a much bigger library of them (thousands) and they're all the same as this XNA stuff

candystop3942d ago

I totally disagree with you guys and see Xna as something big but still in its infancy! This will one day move on to bigger games other then Flash type games and will help push games out the door much quicker!

Expy3942d ago

Learn C and all the other programming languages, you'll get way better results and better games, take pride in your work, forget XNA and its inferior capabilities.

Plasmana3942d ago


How can XNA be a flop? As a platform it is just starting to get off the ground.

Also, regarding the Flash comment...

1) Flash development tools are NOT free. XNA tools are.
2) Flash games can be played on Windows for free. So can XNA games.
3) Flash games cannot run on the 360. XNA games can, and will be free if the author chooses to release it for free.
4) Flash games are interpreted and cannot come close to the performance that can be achieved using C# and the XNA Framework.


C is a programming language. XNA is not. Perhaps you were referring to C/C++ and DirectX versus C# and the XNA Framework???

moparful993942d ago

You do know that you have to subscribe to xna dont you? Its not free, in fact it costs $99 a year in order to subscribe......

DougKaplan3942d ago

It's free to download the software, it costs $99 if you want to put your program on XBL. You can use the software and play around with it for free.

DougKaplan3942d ago

Even if people disagree with the merits of XNA, I hope you enjoyed this article. A lot of the people who are checking out XNA are very very amature programmers so free/cheap and easy is good. Also, hopefully this article can help a lot of people by having someone on their level explain things in very basic terms.

candystop3942d ago

Im just curious if you or somebody on this site can direct me to the free tutorial from months back where I can learn the basics of programming and hopefully try this out myself? Theres nothing wrong with trying and I have so much time during the day I wouldn't mind playing around with XNA one day myself!

DougKaplan3942d ago

All of that information can be found here

Good luck and hope this article helps you in some way.

ArmrdChaos3942d ago (Edited 3942d ago )

Just keep convincing yourselves that XNA is a flop when it is really just getting started...whatever helps you sleep at night. None of you nay sayers have obviously downloaded and played the demo for "Dishwasher". Not 100% sure but if that game was really only created by one person then I would love to see a what a group of programmers can do on collaboration with XNA. I think "Dishwasher" will make a lot of money for the author(s) despite any percentage talks.