Easiest PS VITA platinums of 2012

2012 is pretty much over, and it is about the right time to take a glance the easiest platinum trophies of the year. Are you ready for some hunt?

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remanutd553089d ago

i still need the friendly competition trophy on playstation all stars battle royale to get my platinum :( , anyone else need that trophy?

Godchild10203089d ago

Send me a PM, I will help you get it. I would add Unit 13 and Asphalt injection. Unit 13 is a fairly easy, just time consuming and if you can find someone to get "near" you the HVTs, it makes doing the 36 solo missions a cake walk. Asphalt again, is another time consuming platinum and finding a dedicated partner for those online trophies.

Knushwood Butt3088d ago

You're lucky if you can use Near to get the HVTs.

There's nobody 'near' me playing the game, and therefore grinding to get 5 stars in all 36 missions to unlock the last HVT is far from easy.

Godchild10203088d ago (Edited 3088d ago )

@Knushwood Butt,

I got them, if you want me to 'Near' them to you, I will. My first Platinum for the New Year.

guitarded773088d ago

I'm down too... guitarded77.

Thing about PSASBR is you can get double platinum between the PS3 and Vita version. Guess I better get to grinding.

just_sayin3088d ago

gravity rush should be on the list.

guitarded773088d ago

I don't know... mastering all the challenges can be a pain in the ass.

just_sayin3088d ago

Well I can see that I did the challenges after I was almost max out. The ones that I had problems with were the time races and the green nevi.

Zechs343088d ago

Persona 4.

Its so easy I chose not to even go for it.

xursz3088d ago (Edited 3088d ago )

you have to be f***ing kidding. 100 hours of my life out the window with this one.

Zechs343088d ago

Lol. I was kidding. Clearly.

I am very disappointed I have not had a chance to even touch the game yet!


rpd1233088d ago (Edited 3088d ago )

Dude I was so surprised at how easy it was for Resistance.

MizTv3088d ago

Resistance is so damn easy to get

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The story is too old to be commented.