GOW: Maria is Doms wife according to leaked GOW movie script.

"Who is Maria?" This question is the most interesting to me because it brings up a past rumor from way back in April of 07. The rumor I speak of is the post on which shows the so called first 25 pgs of the Gears of War movie script. When I read this script back in April, I thought it was great and sounded legit and would make a kick ass movie. But now that I hear the name "Maria in the teaser" I notice that in the movie script Maria turns out to be Doms wife. Now what are the chances that both gears 2 and this movie script used the same name? Also from the teaser any gears buff could tell that it was Dom's voice speaking of Maria.

The final question is how do we view this? Is the name Maria being used in the teaser confirm that this great script is legit? If so this script confirms that Maria is Dom's wife and we will be seeing a Gears of War movie , (hopefully it will break the "video game movies suck" curse. Either way, it's a win win for Gears fans.

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MasterChief28293943d ago

All latinoreviews scripts are legit... they've all been right so far.

odiy333943d ago

Well that is great news, i've never been to the site before so wasn't sure, and if that is the true script, i can't freaking wait, GOW will make a great movie.

Michael Jackson3943d ago

Yah it has. They just forgot to tell it in the first game.

KILLERAPP3942d ago

OMG you made me laugh so hard.

v1c1ous3943d ago

didn't we find out about dom's wife right in the manual for gears of war 1?

Charlie26883943d ago

Yeah, he even has the named tattooed on his shoulder and I even remember people asking in the forums for the tatoo and the response was Maria...Doms wife

But I don't recall if it was on the manual or in the collectors edition booklet

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The story is too old to be commented.