Is PC gaming in crisis? Actually, no...

Microsoft, Nvidia and Intel are reportedly ganging together to form an alliance that will save PC gaming. But does PC gaming actually need saving?'s Dean Evans, quoting from editors of various magazines and gaming sites, argues that the death of PC gaming has been greatly exaggerated. He also explains why Microsoft, Nvidia and Intel think that PC gaming needs to be saved.

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masterg3892d ago

Of course it needs to be saved.

Just look at the sales. They are nothing compared to consoles.
Only a few games do well on PC. But most do really poorly.

ar3891d ago

Did you even read the article?
Those statics only show games sold by retailers. No where in the statics can you find how good Steam is doing (and it is really doing good).

Enigma_20993891d ago

That's all that needed to be said.

JDW3892d ago

It just needs to be adjusted slightly.

Devs need to stop constantly pushing games that can only run on the hardware that will be out next year.

Give PC gamers time to catch up with their PC specs and you will see much more people willing to invest in PC gaming.

theox2g73891d ago

fyi, crysis is the only game released in 2007 that was future proof, so that's an exception and even it sold 1 million and counting, the author is right, most of these articles and opinions are greatly exaggerated, full of double standard arguments completely phasing out factors such as digital distribution, now u tell me, orange box on pc outsold xbox 360 and ps3 sales combined, but nobody ever mentioned that?
It was just because pc games were doing terribly in the US where games are more popular and sales for some games were abysmal in the first months on shelves as reported by NPD who by the way are still using an obsolete 10 year old model to measure pc sales, they even admitted to that and are changing it because they've seen it's as irrelevant as measuring only 360 sales in japan

DeadlyFire3891d ago

I agree there needs to be a set standard for the PC gaming market. I hope this new alliance can see that and do something about it. Perhaps by setting a minimal PC Spec for 3-4 years maybe. It would slow the PC gaming market down some and make things cheaper and allow for more people to catch up and play something. PC market wouldn't have to stop churning out new parts at all.

theox2g73891d ago

but isn't that what happens all the time? it's been this way for years, we all know pc games don't fly off shelves quickly console games because most pc gamers aren't ready yet to play those games, that's why pc sales have long legs, epic's mark rein made a statement about this sometime ago defending ut3 poor sales in the US, a console game's best shot is in its first few months where hype is hot, look at halo 3 sales now, not too spectacular? because the hype machine has moved onto other games such as killzone 2, resistance 2 and gears, A classic example of pc games with long legs is Half Life 2 when it came out in 2004, it couldn't be maxed out with AA on any setup then, and it sold below expectations despite its popularity from half life 1 which sold 8 million copies, however over two years when hardware became cheaper and more people could max it out, it went on to 4 million and it's still selling,

Fishy Fingers3891d ago

We dont need a fancy alliance of companies to save the PC, all we need is much cheaper hardware.

If you could build a PC capable of MAXing out crysis for a £1000 many more people would do it, as it stands now your looking at £3000, thats just to much money for 99.9% of the public.

theox2g73891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

the developers publicly made an announcement that crysis is future proof so it's an exception, it's not a requirement to run it at all max but rather a luxury, crysis easily beats other fps graphics on medium/high settings and those can be played on fairly affordable setups, i don't know why people make an unfair comparison and whine that cod4 and half life can be maxed but crysis can't when they very well know that crysis on medium/high beats those games in the visuals department, they are scaling the game engine forward like they did with far cry 1 when they released additional settings like hdr and soft shadows,

And besides hardware doesn't stay expensive forever, look at the high end 6 series cards and 7 series, they used to be $500 a couple of years ago, but now they are crap cheap and they can still play most dx9 games on medium high settings, 9 series are coming out and so are ati's new cards which are good bang for buck, prices are coming down faster than expected, with the 9800gtx starting at $599 this will automatically slash the 8 gtx and ultra prices and the reduce the lower end models even more to the sub $100 level and those cards are no slouch for dx9 games and maxing them out

why is everybody disagreeing with me?

theox2g73891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

hardware does get cheaper so I don't get ur point, an 8800gt kills all games out there except crysis and u can get one for $210, an hd3870 is also just as powerful but not as good and that is just below $200, and with the 9 series and hd4 series coming, prices are going to be slashed even lower to the $100 ranges,

Before anybody disagrees with me, check and tigerdirect and check the prices of processors and video cards which are the most expensive components and they have significantly reduced, u can get an amd quad core for about 200 bucks or less, an intel one for 250 or dual cores in the 150-200 ranges,

whoever disagreed with my above post, can u state ur reasons? cos everything i stated there was pure fact, or is it that most ppl still want to keep believing that $3000 dollar myth which is only true if u rip urself off by buying alienware?

fermcr3891d ago


Don't bother, this forum is full of console fanboys... thay only see consoles and nothing else... if it is not related to consoles, they simply disagree.

Silellak3891d ago

The creators of Sins of a Solar Empire had some great things to say about why certain PC games don't sell:

"I saw an article at IGN about how PC developers are blaming piracy as the reason some high profile games aren't selling in the quantities they should. As some of you know, Stardock's "main" business is in the PC software realm so we have a bit different outlook on market dynamics. Here's the deal: Piracy is a problem, no doubt about it. It does cost sales. But it isn't the driving reason for lost sales, it's the size of the market. Sins of a Solar Empire is outselling some higher profile games not just because it's a "great game" but because it runs on a vastly larger number of PCs.

For console advocates out there, ask yourself how well a given game would sell if it required players to run out and buy a $300 upgrade to their console to play the game? That's essentially what a lot of high profile PC game developers expect. When Ironclad and Stardock were working on Sins, we made a conscious decision that the game would not require potential gamers to upgrade their systems. That meant we couldn't have things like moving turrets or whatever but it means that the size of the market was much larger. No matter how good your game is, if people can't play it, you will always be limited. The number of people willing to upgrade PCs for games is not that large. If you want to sell lots of copies of your PC game, make sure it runs on a lot of machines."

theox2g73891d ago

i very much agree with u, but the main culprit of this upgrade fiasco is crysis and it went platinum in sales so what is the point? i agree that those crappy unoptimized ports that look mediocre and still demand a beast of a rig have themselves to blame for abysmal sales, however there were still tons of good games in 2007 that sold like crackers, orange box on pc outsold both console versions combined reported by valve,

cod4 was known to outsell crysis in almost all regions of the world for a long time so if crysis sold a million, what does that mean for its total sales of cod4 including digital distribution? remember crysis even wasn't on steam but digital distribution and EU sales made up for its terrible initial 86 k sales in US and even cod4 did 300k in US so u do the math, the fact is the good games are selling regardless of piracy but console penetration and popularity have led people to believe otherwise, they clearly forgot that the holiday season is so saturated with excellent titles and that pc gamers don't buy as many games at once like console gamers so there must be time allowance for most pc gamers to make their collections before making judgement calls on poor sales, i'm still not even done with half of the holiday games, i just got gears yesterday,

Rageanitus3891d ago

MMORPG... pc gaming has evolved and It has been proven it can make money. Consoles are just playing with what PC gaming has done before.

I.e. Im a hardcore fps deathmatch person, but there is no denying pc gaming has moved on beyond that.

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