The Technology of Final Fantasy XIII

Taku Murata, Square Enix's general manager of research and development, spoke today at GDC about the evolution of Crystal Tools (previously known as White Engine.) Murata realized that creating cross-platform middleware and standardizing the technology behind Square Enix's game development was a matter of necessity as budgets and requirements soar in the high-definition era. 1UP sat down with Murata after his GDC panel to discuss both the philosophy and the specifics of Crystal Tools -- including the possibilities of Final Fantasy XIII on Xbox 360 and Wii.

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Darkiewonder3986d ago

Much more detailed the other information I read. I'll start this off.

FFXIII for 2008? xD

DarkHero3986d ago

expect ff13 around this time in 2009 or maybe early 2009.

Rice3986d ago

So is this article stating thats its possible to port ff13 and versus to the 360...

DiabloRising3986d ago

Bioware stated its possible to bring Mass Effect to the PS3 as well.

Round and round we go. Speculation is the WORST part about this hobby.

Raupet3986d ago

not really. The only thing mentioning ffxiii and the xbox in the same sentance is meant as a, and I quote:

"For instance, hypothetically -- don't take this seriously! -- if you wanted to create Final Fantasy XIII for PS3, Xbox 360, PC and Wii simultaneously, you'd need to use Crystal Tools."

Nomura, head of the versus team, has stated that it's ps3 developed spesifically a whole bunch of times. And the Fxiii team said the same.

I think it's very important here to note: tool for the xbox360 =/= game for xbox360. Or maybe rather two games made from the same SDK, for two different platforms, won't nessecarily work on the other platform.

No matter, I find this news interesting (any news from Sqeenix are worth a look tbh) ^^

Rice3986d ago

Woah did i start a rumour or something cause of my comment?

OC Shock Value3986d ago

Get this speculation small talk outa here.. So far my PS3 has been all talk.. im tired of waiting waiting waiting.. This game is killin me with the lack of info or a secure release date.. I know my fellow sony fans will be angry with me for this post.. BUT arnt you sick of waiting for everything..

by the way, where the F*** is my in game XMB

cellypower3986d ago

I agree things need to speed up.

hotshot1273986d ago

i really do. maybe you should join in a chat room with me and darksniper and some of the other members of n4g so when we joke about it, it wont seem as long if you know what i mean.

wait beyond!

ingame xmb will be out before gta man, dont worry, those who wait will reap the benefits in the long run.

Vertius3986d ago

Waiting is an integral part of this industry, whether we like it or not.

name3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

1UP: The most important aspect of Crystal Tools is that it's a multi-platform environment. How easy it is to move a game from one platform to another? Say, hypothetically, you wanted to port Final Fantasy XIII from PS3 to Xbox 360... how difficult would that be?

TM: Traditionally at Square we used to target just to a single platform and work deeply within that system, so it was very difficult to move a game to another system. But I'd say it's easier now. You still have factors like video memory and processing cores, so you have to adjust things like texture sizes. But Crystal Tools is a shared library, so it's much easier now. Those factors are already accounted for by the libraries, and it's possible to develop for different systems in parallel.


That mean's Final Fantasy XIII is coming to the 360? And them confirming it's a ps3 exclusive over and over again doesn't? Do 360 owners like final fantasy? The constant switching between "this game sucks" and "this game is coming to the 360" is really annoying. I know that sounds fanboyish, but really it's true.

And I'd like to give props to 1up for the "hypothetical".

hotshot1273986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

i do agree with you for the most part just not about giving props.

when they said "hypothetically speaking" they just wantedto try to get any little information they could off of a possible release of a 360 version, they really didnt care about how hard it would be for parralel programming. or at least thats my take on it.

by tommorrow, there will be rumours flying around with the title,
could final fantasy 12 be coming to the 360? i gurantee you

forum_crawler3986d ago

What they claim is that their new engine/Gfx API is capable of supporting all existing platforms (360, PS3, wii, PC, etc), but that does not necessarily mean that they will, or that all it takes is a simple re-compile to get the game ported from one console to the other, unless, it is developed in that way.

Take Java for instance. It is meant to be a platform-independent developing environment, capable of running software anywhere from your PC to your pocket watch, but as any developer out there knows, doing this does require specific programing for the target platform. Even when the SDK itself is supposed be platform-independent.

The same is provably true in this case. While their graphics engine may support specific API calls to all the current platforms, memory management, scalability, and other platform specific "goodies", I wouldn't assume this means automatic ports. Keep in mind that at the end of the day the engine is nothing more than a set of instructions that need to be executed, this means that the game itself must have specific code to access the platform-specific aspects of the engine for the target platform.

In short, to me this means that if SE claims that the new FF game will be a PS3 exclusive, or that that they are concentrating their efforts on that platform only, it means that all the code that would enable the game to run on a PC, 360 or wii, is not being included in the game at the present time, even though the engine would support it. When you stop to think about it, it makes sense. Since the PS3 is the chief platform for this game, why would they spend the time debugging for other platforms? I mean, debugging time would be a multiple of the number of platforms supported, therefore not feasible (at this point).

It is however great to hear that they are thinking ahead and tooling up for future development in other platforms.

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