Games You Should’ve Played In 2012 But Didn’t – Part 2

Daav from stands still at this year's widely overlooked titles and explains just why these games deserved a lot more than they've gotten so far. In part 2, the last and best 6 of 12 features get discussed, as the year 2012 sets itself up for that number. It's also a good way to find out if there are still some games you'd need to check out.

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TekoIie3025d ago

Endless War looks pretty cool!

Gotta check some reviews out for that and learn some stuff about it :D

TekoIie3024d ago

*Endless Space

Not Endless War. Silly me XD

black9113025d ago

Twisted Metal,Starhawk,Rage

My Top 3

Daavpuke3025d ago

Rage was 2011, though I'd agree it's vastly overlooked. That game was awesome.

RamsesNum13024d ago

Twisted metal is a classic and should be tried guys. My top